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Palay Display has a wide selection of slatwall panels, slatwall fixtures, and slatwall accessories. Palay Display stocks one of the strongest slatwall products produced in the industry today. We invite you to visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Slatwall. If you have other questions about slatwall, please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you.

Slatwall for Retail Stores

Slatwall is the common store fixture of all retail. You can use slatwall for many purposes to sell goods effectively. There are many sizes and finishes available. We stock many colors and wood slatwall accessories.

Slatwall panels are the perfect place to start your merchandising. Slatwall is great if you have clothing or other hanging items. Shelves can also hang on the wood wall.

Slatwall panel connectors help make corner merchandising a reality. The plastic strips connect to the sides of the slatwall to make certain angles. T and X connectors are common in many places. Palay Display makes these panels easy for you.

Floor units are becoming more popular. Slatwall floor displays are made of high quality materials and include casters. These are available in white or maple finishes to match your layout and design. Slatwall is versatile so you can use it where you like to display many products.

There are larger units available. Slatwall merchandisers are larger slatwall units with casters. Use these for sporting goods and clothing. They are offered in many different colors and styles for your store. Make sure to display your T-shirts on slatwall.

Slatwall hooks are the primary way to hang your products. You can choose black, white, or chrome for you needs. Slatwall hooks are heavy metal units to fit in wood grooves. We have been selling these hooks for many decades. You can also get slatwall hook in nylon.

You might want to use shelving in your store. Use slatwall shelf brackets to hold glass or wood shelving. We have seen many places use these brackets in their retail location. You can use slatwall for any purpose.

Many clothing places use slatwall waterfalls to hang clothing off the walls. Waterfalls are made in the three main colors as well. Try these metal hooks in your store soon for increased sales results. They are a must for any store with slatwall. Waterfalls look great and will last for many years. Also use faceouts for more hanging space.

You need to show customers price information. Slatwall sign holders are made out of acrylic and can display many kinds of information. Hang them on slatwall for more sales data. It is easy to use too. Simply insert your sign into the acrylic display. We stock hundreds of shapes and can ship same day!

Some people have smaller products. We use slatwall baskets to help show off our acrylic. We can get them in many colors to go with your slatwall. You can even order online! Get low shipping costs every day. The pegs fit in the grooves and will sit there securely. Wire baskets are good for store display.

Slatwall literature holders can hold many types of brochures. Slatwall is a perfect place to start when it comes to wall display. We have seen slatwall brochure holders used for all types of literature. Educate your customers and show them what you sell. People can pick up and read text when you use holders.

You might be looking for slatwall shelving. Slatwall Bullnose Shelving can slant and hold shoes. Items that are held at an angle fit well on this item. Be sure to use slatwall brackets to hold the melamine slatwall wood shelving. Glass shelving is also for sale on our website.

If you have a dark space, please try using slatwall lighting. Light up a dark place and make your slatwall look nice with the metal lights. Ideal for trade show use.

Slatwall easels are a great way to display your merchandise on slatwall. Our slatwall hat displays can be used for various types of hats. As you can read our slatwall panels have a variety of uses. Be sure to view our slatwall eyewear displays. These slatwall displays work well with sunglasses or reading glasses.

Slatwall accessories include hooks and waterfalls. We recommend these store displays to everyone. Slatwall is so effective because it allows for vertical merchandising rather than large floor merchandising. It is unbelievable how much space the store saves. The slatwall is the most common thing found. We have lots of it here at the Bloomington, Minnesota location. Visit us any time you want!

Slatwall Display Cases can be used with valuable goods that you need to keep out of customers hands. Choose from a variety of these slatwall displays. Slatwall Golf Displays are for display your golf clubs in style. Our slatwall golf displays come in a variety of finishes.

Slatwall is very customizable. Count on it to help save space. Slatwall is the lifeblood of the metal hook industry. Without the wall the hooks would not sell. Metal slatwall fixtures are often cheap but strong. It is a great idea for POP stands as well.