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If it is everyday supplies you are after, we have all the Store Supplies necessary to help you keep your business going. Cleaning solutions, folding boards, signage, shopping baskets, utility carts, and more - all these store supplies and more are available right here. All the right sales aids are at Palay Display.

Store Supplies for Your Business

Spot display holders are perfect for any place you may need to hang a product. Quick and convenient, a store fixture like a hang-all-clip or a clever clip may be just the right fit. From scarves to ties to almost anything, Spot Displays are there to help. Clip strip retailers make a great addition to any store.

Have some extra space to merchandise your store? No? Sure you do, just look up! Ceiling clips allow products to be hung down right into the customers' line of sight. Ceiling clips, hang coils, and eye hooks are made from metal or plastic. Choose a metal two-piece version for added strength. Wire models are very affordable store supplies, and come in packs of 100.

Take care of each store display and more with cleaning solutions. Stain removers help out when a garment has make up or cosmetic stains, and needs attention before going out to the sales floor. Scratch removers and polishes keep your fixtures looking their best. Steamer liquid cleaner is good fore restoring professional steamers and keeping them running strong. Spot remover removes grease, oil, and food stains from fabrics - a must have cleaning solution for any clothing retailer.

Forget wrinkles for good with folding boards. These store supplies make all shirts neat and uniform. Plexi shirt folding boards are made from acrylic and are very affordable. They are available in two sizes. Flip Wing models are the hot new thing for super fast, super easy folding with perfect results every time.

No footwear boutique is complete without footwear displays. Chrome shoe fitting benches and stools provide a usable, comfortable place for shoppers to sit while they try on shoes. Some come with mirrors. Shoe racks are very sturdy and can be collapsible. Floor mirrors are essential footwear displays. Shoe displays for grid go right where you need them. And decorative shoe stands are very elegant store supplies.

Garment needs products maintain several aspects of a clothing retail environment. Crisply and neatly steaming a garment needs a residential or professional grade steamer. We also have steel bank pins and t-pins in many sizes. Store supplies for trying on garments - such as try-on panties and hygienic liners - are important. Makeup masks reduce the risk of cosmetic stains on the merchandise.

We have garment steamers of all varieties - professional garment steamers, residential models, and even portable steamers. Accessories such as a steam board assist further. Replacement parts, cleaning products, and other store supplies keep your sales going.

Makeup masks and garment protectors save clothing from cosmetic stains due to try-ons. Comfort is in using these sanitary, one-time use masks. Hypoallergenic panty liners for swimwear are zero-irritation garment protectors. Stain removers and spot removers are a security blanket when it comes to running a clothing store. Oil, grease, food stains, makeup and more will disappear with the help of these store supplies.

The benefits of mobile utility work carts seem endless. Such store supplies are readily available wherever needed, on wheels and ready to follow you to the task at hand. With plenty of storage using their shelves, they can hold everything needed to get things done. From the affordable mobile utility work carts to the toughest heavy-duty carts, we've got it. Try a large shelf rack to organize back room storage. This may be moved around on wheels.

If things are kept out of reach, then reacher poles are the answer. Our stock of reacher poles includes heavy duty models, as well as expandable models up to 15 feet long. Store supplies like these come in handy. Some poles feature wood handles.

Nothing brings potential customers in like retail sidewalk signs. Draw a crowd with a variety of signs and message boards. Some include customizable letter kits, and some have marker sets. Sidewalk signs grab the attention of casual passers by and bring them into your store - truly invaluable store supplies.

Blow Out Sale Kits, Grand Opening Kits, Plastic Pennants, and Static Cling Letter Kits are just some of the helpful sales aids offered by Palay Display. Get the store supplies with messages. Whatever the occasion, we have the right style, color, and size for the job.

Give your customers a hand with shopping baskets. These will allow customers to buy more because they will be able to carry more. Try standard, jumbo, or even pull-about shopping baskets on wheels! These store supplies, in some cases, are sold individually, while others are offered in sets.

Turntables are graceful store supplies which help to display items in a pleasing manner. Try countertop turntables with lights, or ceiling-mounted units.

Wall mount garment hooks provide an excellent place to hang all sorts of garments - heavy coats, light jackets, what ever the need. There is a great convenience brought by these store supplies. Garment hooks are affordable and functional. Check us for store supplies often.