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Palay Display offers a wide variety of Acrylic Slatwall Trays and Acrylic Slatwall Bins. Display your merchandise using a slatwall acrylic bin. Stock your accessories in a slatwall acylic tray. There are endless sizes and shapes of slatwall acylic bins and slatwall acrylic trays. Display your jewelry accessories in a slatwall acrylic tray. Acylic slatwall bins and acrylic slatwall trays are perfect for displaying media or print material. Use a slatwall modular bins system to display or stock bulk foods or small accessories. Chat online or call a sales representative to talk about your store fixture needs.


Acrylic Slatwall Tray & Slatwall Bin

Acrylic slatwall bins and acrylic slatwall trays allow you to merchandise your slatwall panels in the most efficient way possible. Hang an acrylic slatwall tray on your slatwall panels and stock with scarves.

Palay Display offers a wide variety of slatwall accessories. Acrylic slatwall bins are versatile and easy to install. Use a slatwall acrylic slatwall bin to display candy or other impulse items.

Our acrylic slatwall trays keep your products organized and easily accessible to your customers. Fill an acrylic slatwall tray with hardware or miscellaneous items. Our acrylic slatwall accessories have endless uses.

Try displaying your print material such as greeting cards in our Acrylic Slatwall Trays. Angled Trays allows for the front of your greeting card to be displayed on your slatwall panels. Our Slatwall Display Tray is also a great fit for media items.

Our Acrylic Slatwall Magazine Holder allows for magazines or pamphlet. Use one slatwall fixture for many magazines. We also carry many other sizes of slatwall brochure holders.

Enhance your slatwall display with acrylic slatwall display trays. Display merchandise without taking large amounts of surface space.

If you are unable to find the acrylic slatwall tray or acrylic slatwall bin you need, don