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Palay Display Store Fixtures can help make your retail space looking professional with our slatwall hook accessories. Slatwall hook accessories will not only present your product cleanly, but will also ensure that valuable items are kept secure. Aside from locking display cases and security cables for your valuable clothing items, Palay Display carries inventory control clips and slatwall hook locks. Use our hook locks on your slatwall hooks, grid hooks, and pegboard hooks. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, chat online or call one of our sales representatives to discuss slatwall hook accessories.


Palay Display store fixtures can help your design your retail space and keep your merchandise safe and secure. Our slatwall hook accessories allow you to organize and manage your stock right on your slatwall hooks.

Our inventory control tags are laser printer compatible for easy printing. Use our inventroy control tags on gridwall, slatwall, or pegboard. Keep track of your merchandise item numbers, product location, and other important inventory control information.

We also offer inventory control discs and inventory control clips. Our inventory control discs keep your merchandise to the front of your slatwall hook. The inventory control clips also keep your merchandise easily accessible and at the front of your slatwall hook. You can use the inventory control disc without disrupting your merchandise.

Palay Display carries the In-line display hook lock. This display hook lock allows you to secure your valuable products right on your slatwall hook, grid hook, or pegboard hook. An industrial strength magnetic is required to unlock this secure in-line display hook lock.

Our Magnetic Key for In-Line lock is a unique, powerful industrial magnet. Ordinary magnets will not work to unlock the in-line display hook lock. The magnet is simple to use; simply hold the magnetic key up to the bottom of the lock and the magnet pulls the lock