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Palay Display offers a wide selection of slatwall display cases also know as slatwall showcases. Our slatwall display cases are acrylic so there is full visibility for your displayed merchandise. Protect your valuable merchandise in our locking slatwall display cases. Hang your slatwall showcase right onto your slatwall panels. No extra hardware is required. Our slatwall display cases are great for sports memorabilia, jewelry, and any other valuable products that you want to display on your slatwall panels. If you cannot find a slatwall display case or slatwall showcase that fits your needs, please chat online or call one of our sales representatives. We would be happy to help with your store fixture needs.


Slatwall Showcases

Palay Display carries beautiful slatwall display cases and slatwall showcases. Our acrylic slatwall display cases fit perfectly into slatwall panels with no extra hardware required.

Secure your valuable items using our locking slatwall display case. Our slatwall display showcases are made from acrylic and offer full visibility of your products. Safely display prized memorabilia or jewelry.

Slatwall display cases can make a jewelry collection stand out. Fill a slatwall display case with jewelry busts or earring trees. Customers will flock to your slatwall display case.

We make narrow slatwall display cases and wider slatwall display cases. We can make a slatwall display case to your specifications as well. Custom acrylic work is an option.

Palay Display can turn your retail space into an elegant showroom. Just use one of our slatwall display cases or slatwall showcases to feature your best products. Use the lock to keep them safe.

Our acrylic slatwall display cases and acrylic slatwall showcases fit perfectly into your slatwall panels. Simply hang the slatwall display case into the slatwall panel slots and you are ready to go!

Palay Display has everything all of the store fixtures you need to create your dream retail space. Call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to get started.