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Slatwall Panels are also called slatwall display panels or slat wall panels. Palay Display offers some of the strongest slatwall panels produced in the industry today. You can feel confident that our slatwall panel will stand up to years of use, minimizing chipping and breaking experienced by other manufacturers' slatwall panel. We invite you to visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Slatwall Panels. Customize your slatwall panels with our custom options for slatwall panels. Slatwall panels are great to be used in retail displays or setup residential workspaces with garage slatwall panels.

Slatwall Panel

Slatwall panels are available in a wide variety of styles and colors; including our paint grade slatwall panels. Our most popular slatwall panel, the paint grade slatwall panels, ships from multiple locations. Looking for California Slatwall Panels, Florida Slatwall Panels, or Texas Slatwall Panels, if you live in these states call about of California Slatwall Panels, Florida Slatwall Panels, or Texas Slatwall Panels, we can ship our slatwall panels in a cost effective manner.

Palay Display carries all of your Melamine LPM slatwall panel needs. From Brushed Aluminum slatwall panels to Mahogany slatwall panels, we can turn your store into a functional and stylish retail space. Our slatwall panels will transform your business!

High pressure laminate (HPL) slatwall panels are available in many styles. Palay Display carries slatwal panels in numerous panel finishes, including Formica Slatwall Panels, Nevamar Slatwall Panels, Pionite Slatwall Panels and Wilsonart Slatwall Panels. You choose your style of slatwall panel and we will do the rest!

Slatwall panels are great tools for transforming your retail space. If you are interested in a natural feel, Palay Display offers Veneer Woodgrain slatwall panels. Vertical Slatwall Panels are also available upon request.

Plastic Slatwall Panels can make a great addition to a home garage or commercial showroom. These Plastic Slatwall Panels are easy to ship via UPS. Get a finished look with Slatwall Panel color matching screws. Frame your slatwall with slatwall panel plastic trim molding.

Metal Slatwall Panels are perfect for holding heavy items. Megawall Metal Slatwall Panels are easy to assemble and look great! Just use the Steel Metal Slatwall Panel Trim and Mounting accessories to get started.

Designer slatwall panels are a perfect touch to an elegant slatwall panel display. There are so many different textured slatwall panels to chose from: Brick, Barnwood, Metal, and more. Bring the outdoors in with these textured slatwall panels as known as designer slatwall panels.

Mirrored Slatwall Panels add a unique touch to your retail space. We have Texas Slatwall Panels, Ohio Slatwall Panels, and Virginia Slatwall Panels. Multiple shipping locations for the best freight we can offer.

We do offer some slatwall panels for pickup. Minneapolis Slatwall Panels and Minnesota Slatwall Panels are available for pickup in our Bloomington location. Save on shipping and see our Slatwall Panel Accessories.