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We offer a wide variety of display tables for your retail store. Whether it's a multi-level display table, nesting table set, pedestal, or utility display table, we have what you need. Display tables are the right store display for any retail showroom or sales floor. Use tables to display sweaters, jeans, or any clothing. Also use these display tables for any small merchandise.

Display Tables for Merchandising

Multi-level display tables take advantage of layers of vertical space. These tables are perfect for clothing stores, shoes and accessories, and more. Some of these multi-level tables feature a melamine finish. Others feature oak veneers, and others yet come in ornate raw steel. Our tables are built in shapes such as rectangles and squares.

Nesting display tables are a good solution to a retail space, and are made from a wide variety of materials. Birch, maple, knotty pine, and oak are just some of the types of nesting tables available. Or take a look at the brushed satin nickel Park Avenue nesting table frames and table tops.

Elegantly display smaller items with pedestal display tables. These store displays come in many sizes and materials. We have square raw steel pedestals with a clearcoat finish from 12" to 36" high. Curved metal display tables are very ornate decorations, and also useful for merchandising with small products. We also offer pedestals made from metal poles with glass tops and bases in two shapes.

Specialty display tables add to the merchandising value of your store. See also our selection of ornate scroll display tables, with and without showcase tops. Our display tables are great for boutique retailers, especially in the clothing and accessories industry.

Looking for some extra help? Utility tables help out with transporting goods, and may also serve as a workspace for folding shirts, etc. We have adjustable utility display tables for customization to the perfect height. Some display tables offer locking casters. Try a heavy duty mobile utility table for the tough jobs. These have fold-down leaves for saving space when not all the surface is needed.

A broad range of display tables will help you present your products, and will even assist you in everything from organizing clothing to putting away items in the stock room. These display tables feature wood, raw steel, melamine laminates, and more. Most of our display tables are shipped knocked down for easy assembly in minutes.