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Slatbox Slatwall Display Bins are the perfect way to store or display items on slatwall. Our slatbox slatwall display bins come in a variety of colors. Use colors to color code your slatwall display. Slatbox bins are perfect for organizing merchandise or pharmacy use. We carry different sizes and dividers in order to fit your slatbox needs. Slatbox display bins are lightweight and strong. Slatbox bins are suitable for food storage as well. The flat bottom on all Slatbox bins make them great for use in cabinets, countertop, or other storage areas. Call one of our sales representatives with your Slatwall Slatbox Display Bin questions.

Slatbox Display Bins

Slatbox Slatwall Display Bin

Slatwall Slatbox Display Bins are the perfect way to organize a back room or color code your store! We offer slatbox bins in a variety of sizes and colors. Dividers are available to maximize your use of your slatwall slatbox bins.

Our Slatbox Slatwall Display Bins are super strong and lightweight! Slatbox Slatwall Display Bins are carefully designed to be super strong and easy to use. Slatbox Display bins are easy to clean, hang, and offer maximum product display.

Slatbox Display Bins are made from new food grade polypropylene with impact modifier and UV stabilizers added. Slatbox is suitable for food contact applications, are FDA compliant and conform to the requirements of EFSA 2005/79/EC Directive, AS2070-1999, and Plastic Materials for Food Contact Use. Slatbox is also recyclable.

Slatbox Display Bins are microwave safe and can withstand dishwasher and heat sterilization up to 120 degrees Celsius. Slatbox Storage Bins are also freezer safe (-40 degrees Celsius). The Slatbox Display Bin heat sterilization makes it a great bin great for medical use and pharmaceutical use.

Slatbox Display Bins can also be used on your pegboard displays. Simply purchase a pegboard adapter and start hanging! The pegboard adapter is easy to use and will help you create your Slatbox Display Bin pegboard display.

Slatbox Display Bins can also be used on your gridwall displays! A gridwall adapter is available to transform your Slatbox Display Bins into a gridwall display. Easy to use and easy to hang, Slatbox Display Bins can create organization for your storage needs.

Slatbox Display Bins are designed to make your displays and storage needs easier! Just hang and organize. We offer many sizes and colors of Slatbox Display Bins. Call one of our sales representatives today about Slatbox Display Bins.

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