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Palay Display is your one stop for tagging and labeling. Choose from a wide selection of tagging guns, labeling guns, fasteners, tags and labels. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our tagging and labeling section, please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you with your tagging and labeling questions.

Tagging Guns and Labeling Guns

Labeling guns are usually made of plastic. These dennison labeling machines do a good job of printing information. Monarch guns load sticky labeling roll refills easily. Replacement ink is also important so you can be sure your store fixture display warehouse does not run out.

Clothing stores also need labels. Tagging guns can be manufactured by arrow fine companies or dennison gun company. Made for standard fabric or fine fabric clothing. Thin plastic fasteners help you slap tagging on the clothing.

Fasteners are simply the nylon secure a tach way of adhering tags to retail clothing. Try the bar loc fasteners or even fine fabric clothing fasteners. Palay Display can offer the hook tach versions. Perfect for hanging goods. These fixtures are cheap and inexpensive to ship to you.

Labels feed into labeling guns. We carry all kinds of labels. We have red and white versions. Also watch out for switchgard and switch guard variations. Some labels are removable and some are not.

Tags are made for tagging guns. Simply attach the fastener to the tag and stick the clothing. Some cheap guns get jammed, but our cheap price tagging guns are easy to use. We have tags in many colors including yellow, red, blue, pink, green, and white.

Lots of retail industries use utility carts or utility carts or utility tables to move the tagging guns and labeling guns around the store. It is the most efficient way to do business in your store.

Count on Palay Display to provide you with all the store fixtures you need. Our POP stands will suit you well. Store display is often cheap and strong. POP fixtures are made of various build materials. We have been selling since 1945. We have tagging and labeling for you.