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Palay Display stocks a wide variety of slatwall rectangular tube brackets and slatwall round tube brackets. Expand your hanging space by adding a hangrail and slatwall tube brackets. Our slatwall rectangular tube brackets allow you to choose your length of hangrail. You can also expand your hanging space by adding an adjustable scarecrow to your slatwall display. The scarecrow display expands, allowing you display many types of clothing. We also carry a rectangular U shape slatwall hangrail. This slatwall hangrail is incredibly efficient. Hang it and hang on it! Our scanning hooks make a great addition to your slatwall display. Easily hang and label your merchandise with one


Slatwall Tube Bracket

Our slatwall hangrail brackets allow for more display space on your slatwall panels. Hang and stock featured clothing collections.

We carry both slatwall rectangular tube brackets and slatwall round tube brackets. These slatwall brackets make installing a hangbar on your slatwall easy. No extra hardware is required. Choose a slatwall tube bracket that works into your decor.

Slatwall scanning hooks have the ability to hang and label your products in one fixture. Hang your merchandise on the hook and put signage on the label. Your customers will have all of their questions answered.

Palay Display carries a great store fixture called the slatwall roto clip. This slatwall roto clip can also be used as a pegboard roto clip. This clip allows you to clip almost anything onto your slatwall panels.

Our pin up hook can allow you to instantly hang photos or picture frames on your slatwall panels. This hook can also be used as a pegboard pin up hook. Our pin up hook allows you to hang almost anything that you would nail into your walls on your slatwall!

For your heavy duty hanging needs, try out our braced rectangular slatwall hangrail brackets. These slatwall brackets provide extra support for your heavier items. We carry this braced hangrail bracket in white and black.

Palay Display provides all of your store fixture needs. If you are unable to find a product to meet your needs, please chat online or call one of our sales representatives. We would be happy to help in all of your store fixture needs.