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Palay Display stocks a variety of slatwall glass shelving sizes. Slatwall glass shelves makes a great addition to your retail space. We carry slatwall glass shelves in a variety of dimensions. Our glass shelving comes in a variety of thickness. Our slatwall glass shelving can help create a beautiful retail space. Use a slatwall glass shelf to help display your products. Palay Display Store Fixtures is a leader in glass shelving. Whether you’re looking for glass shelving or custom size glass, Palay Display Store Fixtures can help! Specialty Glass is also available including sand blasted glass.

Slatwall Glass Shelving

Slatwall glass shelving is easy to install and looks great! Simply purchase some slatwall brackets to support your slatwall glass shelves. We also carry slatwall bracket bumpers.

Our slatwall glass shelves can be beautifully accented by hanging a slatwall light above the slatwall shelves. Set your merchandise apart!

Glass shelving is a great addition to an elegant jewelry display. Place your jewelry displays atop our glass shelving and watch them sparkle. Our glass shelves will let the light pass through your jewelry making it shimmer.

Slatwall glass shelving comes in a variety of lengths. Chose the length of slatwall glass shelves that works best in your retail space. Slatwall glass shelving is sturdy and can hold most of your merchandise.

Palay Display offers shelf rests to protect your shelf against the slatwall shelf brackets. We also carry shelf rests capable of placing your slatwall glass shelves in a row next to each other.

Label your merchandise right on your slatwall glass shelf. Try using one of our clear ticket holders to display pricing or other information. You can also display signage with a slatwall signholder.