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Store fixture mirrors come in many different styles and sizes. Mirrors for retail stores are a great store fixture for trying on jewelry and clothing. We have a large selection of countertop, floor, slatwall, and wall mount mirrors for your retail environment. Look for a creative way to sell jewelry with acrylic, metal and wood mirrors.

Display Mirrors

Find a large selection of countertop mirrors at Palay Display. You may find acrylic, metal and wood display mirrors to be a great store display for your business. Countertop mirrors are a nice feature for jewelry stores and eye glass establishments.

Floor mirrors with casters work to the customers advantage by being able to move through out a store. Floor mirrors are full length and go great in any room or business. Add depth and light to small room spaces and retail establishments. Women will be the first to recognize the great advantages of using floor mirrors. Consider using smaller floor mirrors for retail footwear shops.

Slatwall mirrors are a great addition to slatwall. Provide customers with a mirror so they can see themselves wearing your jewelry etc. Perfect for use in any store, business or even for home use. Light and inexpensive, fits directly onto slatwall. Slatwall mirrors can be used on any slatwall. Simply attach the slatwall mirror to the slatwall.

Wall mount mirrors are a smart way to save space! Use in dressing rooms for a more attractive look. Wall mounted mirrors are ideal for opening up any room. Wall mount mirrors are made of metal. Enhance the lighting and create a focal point with a decorative wall mount mirror.