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Try displaying your retail merchandise with slatwall waterfalls or slatwall faceouts. Hang a slatwall waterfall on your slatwall and show off your new line of t-shirts or purses. Use a slatwall faceout to merchandise your sportswear. Our slatwall waterfalls and slatwall faceouts make a great addition to your retail space. We carry a white slatwall waterfall, a chrome slatwall waterfall and a black slatwall waterfall. You can also purchase a slatwall faceout in white, chrome, and black. Use our slatwall faceouts and slatwall waterfalls for all of your store displays! Create a dynamic visual display with any of our store fixtures. Call and speak to one of our sales representatives about our slatwall waterfalls and slatwall faceouts!


Slatwall Waterfall & Slatwall Faceout

Slatwall waterfalls and slatwall faceouts are a great tool to increase merchandise space while maintaining style! Use a slatwall faceout or a slatwall waterfall to display clothing or sportswear.

We carry a rectangular slatwall waterfall that has six cubes cascading down the slatwall waterfall. If you do not like a rectangular slatwall waterfall you can display your items using a square slatwall waterfall.

Palay Display Store Fixtures carries a slatwall waterfall that has five hooks. Hang your purses or other merchandise from a square five hook slatwall waterfall. If you prefer a rectangular five hook slatwall waterfall, we have that, too!

Our slatwall faceouts come in a wide variety of sizes. We carry a 12