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Palay Display offers many slatwall wood shelves to display in your retail space. Slatwall wood shelves add elegance and style to your slatwall displays. We offer slatwall wood shelves in many colors. We carry black slatwall wood shelving, maple slatwall wood shelving, and white slatwall wood shelving. Match your slatwall wood shelf to your slatwall displays and slatwall accessories. Create a beautiful slatwall display with our slatwall wood shelves. If you are unable to find the size or color of slatwall wood shelf to fit your store fixture needs, please chat online or call one of our sales representatives.


Slatwall Wood Shelving

Slatwall wood shelves are an easy way to take your retail space to the next level. Adding a slatwall wood shelf to your slatwall display can create style and elegance. Create an elegant slatwall display by adding slatwall wood shelving.

Palay Display carries large and small slatwall wood shelves. Line up our slatwall wood shelves across your slatwall panels to create a wrap around display. Hang a slatwall light above your slatwall wood shelf to enhance your merchandise.

Slatwall wood shelving is easy to put up on your slatwall panels. Slatwall wood shelving requires slatwall brackets. We also carry slatwall shelf bracket bumpers. These bumpers create a cushion for your slatwall wood shelves to set upon.

Slatwall wood shelves can be placed in rows on your slatwall panels. You can merchandise and stock your slatwall wood shelves with your products. Create a retail space in your store by adding our slatwall wood shelves.

Our slatwall wood shelves are a great addition to our slatwall floor merchandisers. Add surface space to your slatwall floor merchandisers. Place easels or signholders on your slatwall wood shelf.

Add color to your slatwall display by adding white slatwall wood shelving. Create a spa atmosphere in your salon with white slatwall panels and white slatwall wood shelves. Nothing appeals more to customers than clean, crisp displays.

Palay Display offers many solutions to your store fixture needs. Chat online or call one of our sales representatives to speak about slatwall wood shelves. We would be happy to help you with the layout of your retail space.