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3D Retail Layout

Elements Layout and Design combines the talents of our retail design and merchandising experts, along with our knowledgeable sales staff, to provide you with a competitive store layout and design package. Our experience of combining these talents together will lead to your project's success. Our experts will work hard to ensure your vision and ideas are brought from concept to reality smoothly and economically.

  • Store Fixture Layout and Design
  • Display Case Layouts

See fixture placement all to scale with no guess work and no surprises!
Dave Adkins - Design Director

Why should I have Elements involved in my project?

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The answer is simple. Our Elements Division has experts working daily on retail layout and design projects bringing them from concept to reality. They pay attention to the details, whether it's working on your display case layout to make sure case-to-case wiring is done correctly for proper electrical connections, or insuring that fixtures will fit within a specified area. You will have the comfort of knowing that your project is being handled professionally, and is given the individual attention your project deserves.

"Our expert's knowledge in the beginning can pay huge dividends down the road."

3D Retail Layout

Take a second to consider the following: Why is it that a customer can walk into a store to purchase a single item, and end up walking out with a shopping cart full of merchandise? The answer is product placement, which is just one aspect our experts consider when developing your retail layout to maximize your selling potential. Why is it that your rows of merchandise should face a certain direction? The answer is security. By placing your rows of merchandise a certain direction, it can give your employees a direct line of sight from the cash register to keep watch for shoplifters, saving you even more money. By involving Palay Display's Elements Division in your project you can spend more time on other aspects of your business, and leave the layout and design to the experts!

Element's Layout and Design Packages
For A Limited Time All Element's Design Packages Are Free!

3D Store Fixture Layout and Design Package
Have your department or an entire store virtually designed. See traffic flow and fixture placement all to scale with no guess work and no surprises. With decades of experience in the industry, our design experts will skillfully layout your retail space and for a limited time FREE OF CHARGE! Before construction begins, you will have visual images of your space and a complete fixture costs in a competitive quote. To get started Click Here.

3D Display Case Layout Package
Receive expert advise on choosing the right display cases, and make sure your display case footprint will fit your retail space when purchasing multiple display cases. Have confirmation and rest easy knowing your display cases will have the proper electrical fittings when doing case-to-case wiring. See your display case placement ahead of time all to scale with no guess work and no surprises and for a limited time FREE OF CHARGE! Before the display cases arrive, you will have visual images of your space and a competitive fixture quote. To get started Click Here.