/Terms and Conditions

Minimum Order — No minimum order U.S. customers. $150.00 International (excluding freight).

Backorders — Items out of stock on the initial order date will be shipped when stock is replenished and separate shipping charges will apply.

Payment Terms - US & Canadian Customers

Open Accounts — Are extended only after application and approval. All firms carried on open account are Net 30 Days from date of invoice. 2% per month interest is charged on overdue accounts, $2.00 minimum finance charge.

Credit Cards — We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Novus from issuing banks in the United States & Canada.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) — Available, please inquire.

Inspection, Cancellations, Returns, Damage Claims, Errors, Nondelivery & Refused Shipments

Inspection For Small Package Carriers — Please open, inspect and count all cartons immediately upon receipt. If there is a carton count shortage please contact Palay Display. If damage has occurred or pieces are missing please see "Claims For Small Package Carriers" below.

Inspection For Common Carriers (Truck Shipments) — Please check all piece and/or carton counts on the Delivery Receipt versus what is received. Any shortages must be noted on the Delivery Receipt before signing. Shortages not noted cannot be filed as part of a missing/or damage claim. When your merchandise arrives it is the receiver’s responsibility to inspect for damages BEFORE the driver leaves. This includes opening the crate(s) or boxes to inspect for any concealed damage. ANY VISIBLE DAMAGE TO THE PALLET, CARTONS, OR SHRINK-WRAP, NO MATTER HOW SLIGHT, MUST BE NOTED ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT BEFORE YOU SIGN FOR YOUR SHIPMENT. If damage is noted, please see "Claims For Common Carriers (Truck Shipments)" below. If the driver will not let you inspect the contents of the shipment, before signing the Delivery receipt, it is recommended that you note the receipt "POSSIBLE DAMAGE/UNABLE TO INSPECT BEFORE SIGNATURE", before you sign it.

CancellationsCustom-built displays, Non-stock merchandise, Special order merchandise, Gemini Display Cases, Onyx Display Cases, Queen Anne Display Cases, Oak Display Cases, Deluxe Display Cases, Economy Display Cases, Premium Bullnose Shelving (Finish 1 and Finish 2), F.O.B. Factory Slatwall Panels, Pegboard Panels, Wood Baskets, Wood Crates, Barrel Displays, Glass Cube Bases, and Oak Golf Displays are not subject to cancellation once production has begun. Textured Slatwall (Designer Slatwall) is not subject to cancellation once order is placed. Other items may be cancelled prior to shipping. Cancellation of large volume orders over standard stocking quantities may be subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

Returns — Merchandise to be returned for credit must first be approved in writing by our customer service department. Please call to obtain a return authorization number before returning any merchandise, that way we will be able to properly service and credit your return. All returns must be in resalable condition upon receipt of goods with all freight charges being prepaid. Some items may be subject to a 25% restocking charge. No merchandise over 30 days old will be accepted for return. Slatwall, pegboard, showcases, glass, custom-built displays, mannequins, wood displays including barrels with finishes, premium bullnose shelving (1 finish and 2 finish), and closeouts are not returnable. All returns must be in original packaging and cartons.

Claims For Small Package Carriers — Please open, inspect and count all cartons immediately upon receipt. If damage occurs please contact Palay Display for inspection, and save all packaging. Do not return the package to Palay Display.

Claims For Common Carriers (Truck Shipments) — When your merchandise arrives it is the receiver’s responsibility to inspect for damages BEFORE the driver leaves. This includes opening the crate(s) or boxes to inspect for any concealed damage. ANY VISIBLE DAMAGE TO THE PALLET, CARTONS, OR SHRINK-WRAP, NO MATTER HOW SLIGHT, MUST BE NOTED ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT BEFORE YOU SIGN FOR YOUR SHIPMENT. IF DAMAGE IS NOTED CALL THE FREIGHT COMPANY, AND YOUR PALAY REPRESENTATIVE IMMEDIATELY. If the driver will not let you inspect the contents of the shipment, before signing the Delivery receipt, it is recommended that you note the receipt "POSSIBLE DAMAGE/UNABLE TO INSPECT BEFORE SIGNATURE", before you sign it. In the event that damage has occurred it must be noted on the Delivery Receipt, and with the driver BEFORE the driver leaves. Save all packing material, and call your Palay Display Sales Representative to assist you in filing a freight claim. Please note: If damage has occurred and is not noted on the Delivery Receipt, it is unlikely we would be successful in recovering damages from the freight company. Any photos detailing the damages to your merchandise is useful in expediting your damage claim settlement. Please email them to your Palay Display Representative. Please hold on to all packaging involved with your damaged shipment including all foam, paper, cartons and crates. The carrier may want to inspect these items. Not having these on hand for any inspection, can affect your claim settlement. PLEASE NOTE: IN MOST CASES — CONCEALED DAMAGE CLAIMS WILL BE DENIED BY THE CARRIER. Concealed Damage is damage that is hidden inside the packaging or crates and it not obvious upon first look. This is why you must inspect the contents of your shipment, as concealed damage claims are rarely paid by the carrier. If you sign for the merchandise "in good condition..." without noting any damage, Palay Display has no recourse with the delivering carrier and any freight claim that is filed will be considered Concealed Damage. Concealed Damage Claims must be filed within 15 days of receipt, or they will be denied. We are happy to help you in any way with filing your claim with the delivering trucking company; however, Palay Display is only responsible to you, our customer, for whatever settlement the carrier offers, in a Concealed Damage situation. Please report any damage to your representative at Palay Display immediately, so that we can assist in the replacement process in a timely manner. We will do everything possible to assist you in your claim, but we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage after delivery to the common carrier.

Errors — If an error occurs with your order that is attributed to us, please contact a representative immediately. If the error requires another shipment, we will ship freight free as soon as possible up to the same level of service as the original shipment. Any expedited level of service above the original order will incur an additional charge. Errors that are attributed to the carrier will be handled through the claims process.

Nondelivery or Delays (Weather, War, Strikes, Acts of God) — Palay Display cannot be held liable for any expenses or losses incurred in the event your merchandise is delayed or not delivered due to war, strikes, weather, acts of God, or any other circumstance beyond Palay Display's control. When weather, war, strikes or acts of God are involved freight charges are due in full including expedited shipping fees.

Refused or Undeliverable Packages & Shipments — In the event that the carrier is unable to deliver your shipment or packages for any reason that is not the fault of Palay Display or it's agents, the outbound and return freight, as well as any re-delivery fees where applicable are not subject to refund, upon return of the merchandise. UPS & Fed Ex attempt deliveries several times, leaving communication each visit stating their date of additional attempts. Palay Display will assist in arranging your shipment of goods, but our responsibility ceases once the approved carrier has control of your merchandise. Most Common Carrier deliveries include a call before delivery to set up an appointment that works for the consignee. To insure you receive the merchandise you have ordered through Palay Display, please communicate any special delivery needs through your delivering agent. Non-delivery or delays on the specified date due to reasons beyond our control is not the responsibility of Palay Display, and payment in full including redelivery charges or other assessed fees is the responsibility of the consignee.

Export Policy - Shipping Outside The United States

A. Minimum Order — $150.00 International (excluding freight).

B. International Freight, Duties, Tariffs and Taxes — Our prices do not include duties, taxes, tariffs, or freight charges associated with shipping your order to your specified country. We recommend you secure a freight estimate, including any fees associated with exporting your goods from the U.S., from your freight forwarder before you proceed. Please ask your Palay Display Representative for the shipment weight & dimensions to pass along to your freight forwarder for estimated freight. Please note: Any and all additional fees beyond shipping charges associated with the import/export of your order are the buyers responsibility. Small package carriers (FedEx/UPS) will self broker their packages and deliver your goods with those fees (duties, tariffs, taxes, etc) as a COD. Palay Display reserves the right to bill the buyer's credit card, or paypal account, for any back-billed delivery fees resulting from a consignee's refusal to pay said fees upon delivery. These charges may appear up to 90 days after delivery.

C. Canada Bound Shipments Special Notice — A minimum order of $150.00 (excluding freight) is required. All truck shipments require a customs broker in order to cross the international border. If you do not have a customs broker, Palay Display recommends Livingston International. If you placed your order using a credit card, please check with your credit card issuer regarding any exchange fees that may apply. Note: If you place your order and then cancel all or a portion of your order these exchange rate fees charged by your credit card issuer may not be refunded.

Export Policies D. and E. below applies to any country besides the United States and Canada.

D. Export Processing Fee — A $75.00 wire transfer fee will be added to all orders shipping outside the United States or Canada. During checkout please select International Orders for payment method to have this fee automatically added to your order total.

E. Export Payment Terms & Shipping Methods — Palay Display no longer accepts credit cards drawn on banks from outside the U.S.& Canada. All orders must be prepaid by wire transfer. Palay Display no longer ships directly to foreign countries. All shipments being exported must be shipped by common carrier (truck) or small package carrier to a stateside freight forwarder. Please advise the freight forwarder of your choice with contact name and information. All freight charges to the freight forwarder are the responsibility of the buyer. If you do not have a Freight Forwarder, Palay Display recommends FedEx Crossborder. Please visit www.crossborder.fedex.com for more information.

Guide To Placing Your International Online Order:

  • Secure a Freight Forwarder - We recommend FedEx Crossborder. Visit www.crossborder.fedex.com for details.
  • Shop for items on our website and add them to your cart.
  • Use your Freight Forwarder Address as the Ship to Address.
  • Check out using the "International Orders" and place your online order.
  • Palay Display will email you, with wire transfer instructions, the total amount of funds to transfer, which includes the wire transfer fee, merchandise and freight charges to your freight forwarder. Note this does not include freight from your freight forwarder to you, duties, taxes or tariffs.
  • Have your bank transfer the total amount to Palay Display's Bank Account. This can take several days to complete the transfer.
  • Once Palay Display has the funds your order will ship to your freight forwarder.

Shipping Methods & Temporary Location Considerations

Standard Shipping Method: — Our standard shipping method is Ground using the most economical package carriers available including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Regional Carriers. We use several different Common Carriers to provide you with the best possible freight rates on truck shipments. Note: Not all shipping methods are available from all ship from locations.

Billing Freight Collect On Your Carrier Account: — Freight collect is available on items that are stocked in Bloomington, MN only. This applies to all carriers including FedEx, UPS, and Common Carriers.

USPS: — USPS (United States Postal Service) is available on non-truck items that are stocked in Bloomington, MN only.

Expedited Shipping (UPS Next Day, 2nd Day, or 3 Day Select) — In most cases expedited freight charges will be significantly higher than the ground shipping on your order. If you are not familiar with UPS Expedited Rates and none are shown during checkout, we request you call and discuss before placing your order. To expedite, please select the expedited shipping method during checkout. If you require expedited shipping and none are shown during checkout, please call to discuss availability and levels of services. Note: Shipping occurs Monday thru Friday only. Expedited shipments must be completed, and confirmed, before 12:00 PM CST (subject to stock availability). If a portion of your order is backordered, the in-stock items will ship expedited and the backorder will ship ground, unless you contact us. We will make every effort to accommodate your expedited shipment, and would request that you call immediately after placing your order to confirm.

Billing Your Expedited Freight Charges:
Prepay & Add: If expedited rates are available during checkout, your credit card will be charged the expedited shipping rate in your order total and your receipt will show the expedited shipping method chosen. If expedited rates are not shown on checkout and you require expedited shipping, the additional expedited amount will be billed separately from your order, and you will see 2 credit card charges on your credit card bill.
UPS 3rd Party or Collect: Palay Display can bill your expedited freight charges collect to your UPS Account Number. Please put your UPS Account Number in customer notes section of your order, or call and speak with a representative. UPS 3rd Party/Collect is available on items stocked in Bloomington, MN only.
FedEx: — FedEx Ground Service is unavailable. FedEx Express Saver (3 Day), 2 Day, Standard Overnite, or Priority Overnite Service is available billed under your FedEx Account Number only. FedEx 3rd Party/Collect is available on items stocked in Bloomington, MN only.

Trade Show / Hotel / Temporary Location Considerations: — When shipping your merchandise to a temporary location such as but not limited to a trade show booth, convention center, hotel, etc. please take into account the following considerations: Typically shipping to these types of locations carries an increased chance of the shipment(s) being misplaced or not delivered on time due to circumstances beyond Palay Display's control. Customers are also unlikely to be at the receiving area to inspect for damage before signing for the package or Bill of Lading. Palay Display and its contracted carriers will do their best to have your package delivered on time and undamaged to the temporary ship-to location, however Palay Display simply cannot guarantee its delivery or delivery time, due to circumstances outside our control such as but not limited to hotel responsibilities and liabilities, convention center rules and regulations, or hotel employees. For these reasons, Palay Display discourages its customer's from shipping to temporary locations, but realizes that in certain instances customers need to have product shipped to a temporary location. By shipping to a temporary location you understand the risks involved, and release Palay Display Industries, and its contracted carriers from all liability, damages, actions, losses, claims, demands, costs and expenses associated with shipping to a temporary location, and agree to pay in full all freight and merchandise expense related to the order.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Pricing — Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Whenever possible, we will advise customers of price changes. Palay Display has the right to cancel any backorders when product becomes unavailable from the manufacturer, or is subject to an increase in price. If the estimated ship date is more than thirty (30) days after date of order, the price of the merchandise may be subject to an increase. Quoted freight amounts are valid for seven (7) days.

Product Descriptions and Specifications — Palay Display Industries, Inc. attempts to keep the information in regards to product description, specifications, and pricing as accurate as possible. However, Palay Display Industries, Inc. cannot be held accountable that the product description, specifications, pricing, or other content of this site is accurate, reliable, complete, current, or error–free. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify all current specifications of the product they are purchasing before finalizing their order.

Color, Finish & Wood Grain Variations — Due to screen setting variations such as resolution, brightness, contrast, etc. on devices you are viewing PalayDisplay.com, actual color/finish may vary. Please contact a Palay Display Representative to discuss any color match concerns prior to ordering. Furthermore as it pertains to items produced with natural woods and veneers, there is always going to be a difference in color with every batch of wood and every lot of paint/stain. Due to varying wood grain and type, stain color may differ slightly. There are differences in the wood and grain inherently, in humidity and absorbency that change the consistency of the saturation. There can also be slight variations in the application of stain, paint, lacquer, etc. Any pieces requested to match should be ordered at the same time to minimize differentiating factors. Variation in grain pattern and color are normal, and should be expected when manufacturing with natural wood. Wood species will exhibit color changes, in all finishes, when exposed to differing light and as a result of the normal aging process of wood. Color variations in wood are caused by a wide range variables. This includes environmental factors, like minerals found in the earth that the tree was grown in, and the differing absorption of these minerals by each species. Every wood species exhibits other characteristics including knots, pinholes, sap runs and darkening with age. These distinct attributes contribute to the natural beauty and personality of the wood. Natural variations in grain texture and color will always be present. Real wood products continuously have variations, as should be expected. Items sent will be within an industry acceptable range.

Use Restrictions — The copyright in all material provided on this Site is held by Palay Display Industries, Inc., its suppliers, or the original creator of the material. None of the material may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Palay Display Industries, Inc. or the copyright owner. You also may not, without Palay Displays Industry's permission, "mirror" any material contained on this Site on any other server. Any unauthorized use of any material contained on this Site may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, and communications regulations and statutes.

Limitation of Liability — Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall Palay Display Industries, Inc. be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to loss of data or profit, arising out of the use, or the inability to use, the materials on this site, even if a authorized representative of Palay Display Industries, Inc. has been advised of the possibility of such damages. If your use of materials from this site results in the need for servicing or repair of equipment or data, you assume any costs thereof. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. You expressly agree that your use of this site is at your sole risk.

Terms of Use Revision — Palay Display Industries, Inc. may at any time revise these Terms of Use by updating this posting. By using this Site, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the then current Terms of Use to which you are bound.

Privacy Policy

Palay Display Industries, Inc. (“Palay Display”) Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January 1, 2005

Palay Display is committed to protecting your privacy. That is because we base our business on the trust you place in us. This policy describes our practices regarding personal and account information collected through our Web site. In this policy, “personal and account information” means your name, company name, account number, address, telephone number, and e-mail address plus any other information that personally identifies you, including your industry, and purchase history, or would permit us to contact you.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy from time to time, please check back to see the lasted revision.

What We Collect - The amount and type of information we collect from you depends on your activities and use of our Web site. Below, we explain what information we collect.

When you browse our Web site - we collect your IP address to measure our Web site traffic and to help provide a relevant shopping experience. If you come to our Web site via a link, we collect the location of the link that referred you. We keep track of pages you visit to help provide you with a more personalized shopping experience.

When you make purchases through our Web site - We collect your name, address and payment information to process your order. However, you may provide credit card and purchase order numbers by telephone. We collect information contained in “cookies,” such as your purchases and log in data, to personalize your shopping experience. Your browser must be set to accept cookies if you wish to add items to a shopping cart.

When you create an account on our Web site - We collect your user name, password, e-mail address, secret question, and answer to your secret question to protect your E-Account. We use your secret question and answer to identify you as the account user if you have forgotten your password. You can help us ensure your privacy by not sharing your user name or password.

When you use online chat or other website communication - Your email address and/or screen name are used in order to respond to your communication only.

When you e-mail product information to a friend or colleague through our Web site - We collect your e-mail address and the e-mail address of the person to whom you are sending the product information.

When you request a catalog through our Web site - We collect your name, address and telephone number, industry, and email address in order to be able to send your catalog. Your email address is used to respond back to you with any specific questions you may have asked.

When you signup for our Emailing List - If you signup for our emailing list your email address will be included on this list. Your email address will only be used for the specific purpose of keeping you informed about product discounts, closeout items, new products, and the latest trends in the display industry. Your e-mail address will be held in the strictest confidence, and will not be sold to an outside party, or used for any other purpose. You can unsubscribe from this emailing list at any time by either replying to the bottom of the email under unsubscribe or by contacting Palay Display.

Palay Display may use your personal and account information to provide products or services you have requested, respond to a communication from you, contact you, and as otherwise described in this policy. Your personal or account information is not used for solicitation, marketing purposes or sold to an outside party. We may also analyze and act upon your personal and account information as part of our standard business practices. If you become our customer, we may send you updates on important information about our company and services.

Palay Display restrict access to your personal and account information to those who need access to use it as set forth in this policy. Only authorized personnel are permitted to see your account password. Your other personal and account information may be disclosed to third parties in limited circumstances. For example, we may share your personal and account information with suppliers and other entities involved in transactions you have initiated. We may disclose your personal and account information to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process, as required by law, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. Your personal and account information may also be disclosed in connection with a sale of some or all of our business or a merger with another company.

Last Updated: June 6, 2019.