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Floor displays and floor merchandisers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are the most common form for selling clothing and gift items. Floor displays are the way to merchandise your retail store. Our high quality floor displays help you sell your products and services. Look for high impact merchandisers made out of wood and wire.

Floor Displays Expand Your Merchandising Space

Abstracta modular displays are floor displays made of glass and metal. You can easily see the products sitting on the glass shelves. Also these units can be configured to your preference because of their modular floor display design. These store fixtures are effective for glassware, pots, and valuable items.

Make sure to add casters to any rack or floor display. Casters come in a variety of threaded sizes to fit your needs. It is the easiest way to rearrange your merchandise to help improve sales. We offer casters to fit store fixtures and floor displays. Simply attach and roll around the retail store.

Many places sell stuffed animals and things of that nature. You might want floor displays that are cheap and inexpensive. You might consider a dump bin floor displays because you can simply toss or dump your products. Wait until they sell because customers like to play with stuffed animals. Dump bins give them the opportunity to try out the store fixture holdings.

The same can be said about floor display shelf units. Sporting goods and clothing can be rested on the wire shelving. Baseball caps and mugs fit perfectly on the low maintenance design. They make a good addition to your retail space. Be sure to call us if you have questions about any product or service or floor fixture or floor display.

Glass cube units are the king of the department store dress shirt display. The glass floor display is also modular, meaning you can configure to you liking. Most glass cube units can be ordered with optional kick features to keep the clean look off the ground and at eye level. Floor standing display glass floor display cases are extremely useful for any sales store. You can use floor displays to show off clothing and gifts. Heavy-duty cases are only useful if you are not going to be moving your retail layout and design often.

Use a glass floor display merchandiser if you are going to be rearranging on a monthly basis. Many of the units come with caster and can freely roll when pushed. Just make sure to remove any products before you start rolling the floor display around! Place the store fixture wherever you like and watch the sales climb. Glass towers are similar to glass merchandisers except they are not on wheels. These towers tend to be cheaper than deluxe showcases. Towers are cheap in price but not in features. Many glass towers feature locking doors for added security.

Many retail industries use gondolas. These are heavy-duty metal floor displays built initially for the grocery industry. Almost every grocery store uses metal gondolas. Wrap up your sales and do not worry about weight requirements. These units can take hundreds of pounds. Plus we offer many fixtures that can be simply attached to the gondolas. Tags and signholders are a fantastic place to start.

Monkey bars are no longer for children. This floor display is so versatile because of a modular design and approach to merchandising. Wood and metal unite with glass in a fusion of design simplicity. Just arrange the monkey bars any way you desire. Revolving floor displays can be compared with the metal displays. These merchandisers are like dump bins because you can dump and forget, meaning customers can try out the products before they buy. CD racks and DVD racks also fall into this category. You want your media and book racks to revolve so people can view products at more angles with minimal effort.

We talked about wire and metal floor displays in this area, but we should look at the high-end display fixtures. Southdale series floor display merchandisers are made of wire and metal. These high end products are amazingly collapsible to ship flat for cheap and low shipping charges. We also offer some really nice wood base things. The sunglasses displays and eyewear displays are useful if carrying an expensive line of sunglasses. Optical stores and doctors can use them to sell normal glasses frames as well.

The Maxx Steel Merchandiser is new to the floor display area. Punched metal floor display is the new trend in retail clothing markets. You can accessorize the rolling merchandiser on casters by adding pegboard hardware. Your place of business could use a boost in style as well. Make your customers feel welcome and obtain the freedom to roll and test the floor display. Palay Display is there for your needs.

We discussed glass cube units earlier in this article. Wire cube floor display will give you exactly the same functionality for a fraction of the cost. These cheap metal panels go together in a snap. It is light weight so shipping is cheap. All we lack is the style on the cube units. They are so basic because they are meant to be a discounted store display.

Wire displays can be viewed as shelf units. Floor display is such an important facet of the retail industry. Strategic placement is necessary to achieve successful sales. You can place them near the checkout counter for impulse purchases acquisitions. Wire displays are nothing more than bent coated metal. The design simplicity is needed for cheap store fixtures and low shipping costs. You can even get a discount if you order floor displays in bulk. Remember that Palay Display has been in business since 1945 and is here to answer your needs and desires when talking about store layout and design.

Wood floor displays can be made to look natural in the retail industry. Customers tend to like it when the store makes it look like the outdoors when entering a selling space. It feels warmer and can brighten up an environment. Coffee shops and clothing stores tend to use the wood fixtures more than gas stations, grocery stores, or food services.

More tough decisions are ahead. Hopefully you can find floor displays to suit what you need. Count on us whether you have a countertop space or main space to fill. Floor displays can be used and are effective. POP fixtures are used for trade shows too.