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Palay Display offers a wide selection of slatwall mounting hardware; including slatwall back plates and slatwall anchoring products. Our slatwall mounting hardware and slatwall back plates offer flexibility to mount products that otherwise could not be mounting to slatwall because of size, format or instability. Turn any display into a slatwall display with slatwall mounting hardware and slatwall back plates. If you have questions about our slatwall mounting hardware including slatwall back plates, slatwall mounts, or slatwall anchors, please contact a knowledgeable Palay Display Representative.


Slatwall Back Plate and Slatwall Anchoring Products

Palay Display offers many accessories for your slatwall store fixture needs. Our slatwall mounting hardware offers versatility to your slatwall fixtures. Turn almost anything into a slatwall store fixture display using slatwall back plates and slatwall anchoring products.

Use our slatwall back plate to attach most anything onto your slatwall display. Our slatwall back plate also can be used on your pegboard display. Use our slatwall back plate to accommodate existing products.

Try one of our slatlock slatwall mounts to screw or bolt directly into slatwall or slatgrid using a single 1ΒΌ-20 bolt or screw. Products that couldn't otherwise be displayed due to size, format, or stability can now be securely displayed on slatwall.

We carry a back plate made specifically for slatwall. It fits into your slatwall just as any other slatwall accessory would fit. It is finished in raw steel.

Use our standard slatwall back plate to attach smaller items to your slatwall display. Create a slatwall gondolier display made of artwork or pictures by using a standard slatwall back plate.

These slatwall mounting hardware products allow you to use your slatwall, pegboard, or slatgrid to the fullest capacity. If you are unable to find the store fixture display or store fixture hardware you need, please call one of our sales representatives for assistance.