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Palay Display stocks a wide variety of acrylic slatwall shelves. An acrylic slatwall shelf is easy to install and looks great. We carry many styles of acrylic slatwall shelving. Try displaying a treasured item on one of our acrylic slatwall shelves. These acrylic slatwall shelves set your item apart from the rest. Hang a slatwall light above a sturdy display slatwall shelf to highlight your merchandise. Display your media items on our slatwall book shelf and slatwall cd shelf. We carry many sizes of acrylic slatwall shelves. If you are unable to find the exact slatwall shelf you need, chat online or call one of our sales representatives about custom acrylic slatwall shelves.


Acrylic Slatwall Shelf

Acrylic Slatwall shelving is a great way to add surface space and display space to your retail store. Attach an acrylic slatwall shelf to your slatwall panels and display your merchandise. Acrylic slatwall shelves are easy to install and require no additional hardware.

Palay Display carries different styles and sizes of Slatwall J-Racks. A slatwall j-rack can accommodate smaller items such as books, cds, and greeting cards. We offer our slatwall j-racks with closed and open ends.

Our acrylic slatwall shelf with signholder is a great way to add signage to your display. Easily display information along with your merchandise. Advertise sale items with this acrylic slatwall shelf.

Study display slatwall shelves add an extra support in your slatwall shelving. Our sturdy display slatwall shelves are great for items that carry extra weight. Our slatwall shelves are designed to give you support and a classy display.

Acrylic slatwall accessories can sometimes get scratched. No worries! Try our acrylic cleaner and polish or our acrylic scratch remover to keep your acrylic displays looking new.

Palay Display can help you transform your retail space with our acrylic accessories. If you are unable to find the exact acrylic slatwall shelving to fit your store fixture needs, please chat online or call one of our sales agents about custom acrylic accessories.