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Palay Display stocks a wide variety of retail clothing hangers and hanger accessories. We offer a full line of wood hangers, metal hangers, and plastic hangers. Browse our hanger categories below for all of your children's hangers, men's hangers, and women's hangers. Custom retail hangers and imprinted hangers are also available. Our clothes hangers come in a wide variety of colors from black hangers to clear hangers. If you cannot find the retail clothes hangers you are looking for please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable store fixture representatives will assist you with your clothes hanger questions. Palay Display has been selling garment hangers and store displays since 1945.


Hangers are a staple in the store fixtures industry, as well as in any retail clothing sales environment. We have hangers made from all sorts of materials - plastic, wood, metal, vinyl, foam, and even raw steel. Hangers are available for men, women, and children. Many styles are universal.

Our excellent selection of adult hangers includes 14", 16", 17", 18", and 19" choices. Wood hangers for suits, pants, jackets, and skirts are available. Dress hangers for salesmen, in multiple sizes, as well as lingerie hangers, are here for your business. Try non-slip versions as well.

Plastic hangers are commonly used in retail stores as an affordable way to merchandise clothing on racks and faceouts. Heavyweight plastic models are an option for you store. Common colors for these store fixtures are black, clear, and white.

We have lots of shirt hangers for your retail store needs. Clear, opaque, and black super heavyweight hangers do the job with ease for slightly heavier garments. Our 18" outerwear hanger was designed for jackets and coats. Shirt and dress hangers come in childrens sizes, too.

Children's hangers come in smaller sizes, such as 8", 10", 12", and 14". We have childrens top hangers, shirt and dress hangers, and suit hangers.

Palay Display offers pant hangers and skirt hangers or all styles. 14" heavyweight skirt and pant hangers are equipped with metal clips and vinyl cushions. Childrens skirt and pant hangers are perfect for juniors clothing stores. We have a break resistant childrens bottom hanger, which is chosen by many large retailers.

18" outerwear hangers and 19" contoured plastic hanger for high collars are just a couple or our highly functional coat hangers. Some coat hangers feature long hooks to accommodate heavier winter coats. Some of these store displays come in wood.

Keep your formal garments in order with suit hangers. These can be made from plastic, metal, or wood for an upscale look. These hangers are anywhere from 12" to 17" wide. Many feature metal clips with vinyl cushions, while others have a bar for pants.

For an upscale look, try wood hangers. We sell teak suit hangers, natural jacket hangers, and more. Wood are the hangers of choice for suit stores, mens clothing retailers, and any high end business.

Metal hangers can be very functional, but can also be very stylish. An easy-lock hanger does the job when a garment needs to stay put, and we offer non-slip coated metal hangers. Raw steel decorative hangers have function but are beautiful store fixtures, perfect for any boutique shop.

Salesperson hangers are useful and affordable selling tools. They are sold individually, rather than per carton, with hangers priced below a dollar. These are made from high quality metal. Keep plenty on hand to easily facilitate the display of all your garments for sale.

Combination hangers & coordinate hangers feature ultimate functionality. Hang a shirt on the hanger, and hang pants on the bottom using everything from bars to clips to 15" drops with clips. These are great for boutique shops and retail stores.

Every high end fashion boutique simple must have some great decorative hangers. Palay Display has many styles, shapes, and sizes of these. We offer padded hangers, raw steel hangers, flexible hangers, and more.

For retailers specializing in undergarments and intimate apparel, intimate hangers and lingerie hangers are the perfect fit. Choose from the clear panty/bra hanger or the chrome lingerie hanger.

Vinyl hangers provide a sturdy grip on garments. Non-slip hangers are made in many sizes, and can be had in white or black. Another option is the chrome slack hanger with a vinyl sleeve to keep pants and slacks from slipping.

Foam hangers are great selling tools because of their versatility. Our flexible foam hanger can be shaped to enhance any garment display, even hard-to-hang garments.

Anyone looking to enhance the appeal of a boutique shop or high fashion store needs to look at boutique hangers. It is all in the details, and padded hangers, raw steel hangers, and other decorative hangers will let customers know the environment is high class.

Specialty hangers take care of many specific hanger needs. We have padded hangers, hangers with clamps, bedspread and drapery hangers, diaper pin rods, dress slack hangers, and lingerie hangers. Palay Display gets the job done with any hanger need.

Hanger sizers keep garments in order. Place them on hangers, using sizes and numbers to organize clothing on racks. Choose from lettered sizes or numbered sizes. Store them in a clever hanger sizer storage box.

When shopping for hangers, make sure you do not forget all the right hanger accessories. Coordinate display strips and piggy back attachments allow for top and bottom hangers to be displayed together for an outfit display. Foam hanger covers and strips may be placed onto plastic, wood, or wire hangers to keep garments from slipping. Also try rubber hanger stay-ons for this.

Hanger management items help to organize hangers. Choose a hanger storage kit to keep hangers stored in place, or a hanger sizer storage box to keep the hanger sizers right where you need them.

Rectangular size dividers separate garments on hangers by size. Easily place them on a clothing rack, such as a round rack.

If rectangular size dividers are not exactly what you are looking for, round size dividers will surely be just right. Place them on the rack, and it is that simple to keep the sizes separated. Choose blank or printed hanger size dividers.

Hangers are a great addition to any retail store. Our hangers range from small to large, and are made in plastic, wood, metal, vinyl, and foam. So if you are in need of fixtures, do not get hung up on what do do! Call or order your hangers online today.