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Palay Display takes security seriously. Our High-Tech security devices deter pilferage, shoplifting, and vandalism. Store security systems come in numerous kinds of deterrents to combat shoplifting. To operate a successful retail business, you have to create a secure environment, for your customers, your employees and the store itself. Retail security includes many aspects: keeping intruders out and keeping track of who comes in and protecting merchandise from shoplifting.

Store Security Offers Piece of Mind

Anti-Theft Store Security Devices An anti-theft system is any device or method used to prevent or deter the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable. Palay Display is the leader in anti-theft store security devices. Anti-theft devices come in a variety of ways, from security cables, motion sensors, counterfeit money analyzers, and alarms. Anti-theft devices can stop the amateur thief and slow down the professional.

We carry a wide variety of crowd control store security devices. Suitable for banks, fast-food restaurants, theaters, and any other facility where pedestrian control is necessary. Crowd control posts and ropes let the crowd know what to expect while in line. There is a wide selection of crowd control posts and store security velour ropes that come in many finishes and styles.

Make sure to have a store security door alarms or door chimes installed at your place of business. Door alarms are the ideal solution for being notified of visitors, customers or couriers. Simply mount the transmitter above or beside your entry door and be alerted in another room or building of someone approaching. Perfect for small business, warehouses or homes.

Store security mirrors are another great way to combat intruders and shoplifters. Protect your merchandise and profits! Add additional security features to your store, with strategically placed, realistic looking, security Mirrors and Domes. A great, and inexpensive, way to make your store just that bit more unattractive to potential store security thieves. Their presence is a valuable deterrent to would-be thieves.

Simulated store security cameras are an economical way to have the look of "video surveillance" without the expense of a real system. Protect your store with these great store fixtures. It is a real camera--there's just nothing inside. The simulated camera reduces shoplifting by making potential shoplifters believe they are being watched on store security camera.