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Palay Display stocks a large variety of plastic slatwall hooks and nylon slatwall hooks. Choose from different colors in our nylon slatwall hooks. Our nylon slatwall hooks are perfect for use with our slatwall panels and are a nice alternative to metal slatwall hooks. They are also universal to fit into your existing slatwall in any retail store environment. Our nylon slatwall hooks come in a variety of lengths. Our plastic slatwall hooks also called lexan slatwall hooks come in several different lengths. We also sell metal slatwall hooks. Our knowledgeable sales representatives will assist you with any nylon slatwall hook and plastic slatwall hook questions you may have. We can also assist you with any custom nylon slatwall hooks and custom plastic slatwall hooks you made need in your retail display environment. Our nylon slatwall hooks are in stock and ready to ship immediately to you.


Plastic Slatwall Hooks

Palay Display carries a wide variety of nylon slatwall hooks. These slatwall hooks are multi-use and can be used as either a slatwall accessory or a pegboard accessory. One hook with two uses!

We carry nylon slatwall hooks in a variety of sizes and colors. Our nylon slatwall hooks come in white and black. Coordinate your nylon slatwall hooks with your slatwall accessories.

Plastic slatwall hooks and Lexan slatwall hooks are another great slatwall accessory. Lexan slatwall hooks are clear and sturdy. Use a plastic slatwall hook to display your products on our slatwall panels. We also carry a plexi hook .This plexi hook has a wide opening with the ability to hold larger objects.

Palay Display carries a great store fixture called the slatwall roto clip. This slatwall roto clip can also be used as a pegboard roto clip. This clip allows you to clip almost anything onto your slatwall panels.

Inventory control tags are perfect for placing behind your slatwall accessories. The inventory control tags are laser printer compatible. Use them on gridwall and pegboard, too. Keep track of your inventory right on your slatwall display.

Nylon slatwall scanning hooks have the ability to hang and label your products in one fixture. Hang your merchandise on the hook and put signage on the label. Your customers will have all of their questions answered.

Palay Display can answer all of your store fixture needs including nylon slatwall hooks, plastic slatwall hooks and lexan slatwall hooks. Chat online or call one of our sales representatives today. We would be happy to help with your retail space.