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Pegboard Hooks come in various shapes and sizes and are perfect for holding numerous items like power tools, hand tools and more. Pegboard hooks create more selling space on your walls. We carry many lengths of pegboard hooks. Pegboard hooks are effective and affordable.


Pegboard Literature Holders are available in various dimensions to distribute publications, newsletters, magazines, pamphlets, leaflets, booklets, guides, flyers or brochures. Placing literature in a pegboard literature holder invites viewers to read and obtain copies of the displayed information or marketing material. Available in black, silver and white.

Pegboard Shelving is a very useful tool for displaying small or large objects on pegboard. Try a small acrylic shelf, or a few for a multi-level display. For a heavy duty display, we offer a large, sturdy metal shelf. Pegboard shelving displays a broader range of merchandise. Pegboard shelving is a great way to maximize perimeter display areas.

Pegboard Shelf Brackets are a fast and easy way to add display opportunities to your retail space. Pegboard shelf brackets make an effective means of displaying heavier merchandise, allowing you to display more merchandise on wall areas.

Pegboard Baskets can be used to bulk display loose or small packaged items for easy and convenient access. Use more than one pegboard basket to create a wall display designed to utilize your display area. A single pegboard basket can be added quickly to any retail store fixture layout. Available in a wide range of sizes.

Pegboard Hat Displays and Pegboard Cap Displays are a great way to display hats and caps on pegboard. Multiple hat or cap pegboard displays create an inexpensive way to showcase your hats and caps for easy access. Available in black and white.

Pegboard Tool Displays keep your tools close at hand without taking up valuable floor space. Pegboard tool displays can help better organize garages or workspaces of any kind. Use pegboard tool displays for screwdrivers, pliers, scissors and other tools.

Pegboard Acrylic Bins are perfect for smaller items like candy and other impulse items. The clear design works with many products. Made with durable hybrid styrene for greater strength. The pegboard acrylic bins are designed to stack tightly on 3" standard pegboard.

Pegboard Card Holders and Pegboard Sign Holders create a space saving and convenient way to maximize your advertising opportunity. This will allow you to attract more attention to your displays.

Pegboard Floor Displays are a great way to utilize floor space and display many items in one place. Place them in a showroom, and take advantage of our selection of pegboard wire shelving, acrylic accessories, hooks, and more to make the most of pegboard floor displays.

Pegboard Specialty Displays maximize product placement and increase retail store space. Pegboard specialty displays hold loads of products, such as hosiery, to bring impact to multiple products. Place on counters to increase sales of impulse items. Pegboard specialty displays are an attractive and convenient way to display products.