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Palay Display offers a great selection of slatwall easels to fit your store fixture needs. We carry slanted easels, fixed easles, and adjustable easels. Display your staff favorite book on our acrylic slatwall easels. They come in various sizes to fit your varies books. Try using our PDI Power Box to display a collection of books or other merchandise you would like to feature. The Power Box creates a floating shelf effect. Our slatwall easels come in a variety of colors; whte, black, and acrylic. If you are unable to find a slatwall easel that fits your needs, please chat online or call one of our sales agents for help.


Slatwall Easel

Palay Display offers a variety of slatwall easels. Slatwall easels are a great way to bring countertop items onto your slatwall panels. Our slatwall easels come in white, black, and acrylic.

We carry many sizes and styles of slatwall easels. Fixed slatwall easels are not adjustable and are great for heavier items that need that stability. Try an adjustable wire slatwall easel to display decorative plates or featured books.

Slatwall easels make displaying your smaller countertop items easy to display on your slatwall panels. Simply hook the slatwall easel into the slatwall grove and hang! No hardware needed.

Displaying t-shirts on your slatwall just became a lot easier. Try using a slatwall shirt display easel for your featured clothing items. The Slatwall Easel is angled to show off the design of your shirt in the best way.

Need to display numerous books on your slatwall panels? We stock various sizes of our slatwall book holders. These acrylic slatwall book holders are stable and sturdy to accommodate the heaviest of books.

Palay Display is here to help you with all of your store display needs. Create a section of your store that is book central. Use our slatwall book holders and slatwall easels to create a fun world of imagination for your children