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Palay Display offers endless styles and sizes in acrylic slatwall displays. We carry a wide variety of slatwall acrylic shelves, slatwall acrylic displays also known as slatwall acrylic displayers, and slatwall acrylic bins and slatwall acrylic trays. Display all of you products right on your slatwall panels. Try an acrylic slatwall bin to display bulk food items. Acrylic slatwall displays are versatile and easy to install. Our acrylic slatwall display cases are a great addition to your jewelry displays. Acrylic shelving is perfect for displaying any number of products and signage. Acrylic slatwall displays can take your slatwall display to new heights. Chat online or call one of our sales representatives to talk about acrylic slatwall displays.


Acrylic Slatwall Display

Acrylic slatwall displays make displaying your merchandise simple and elegant. Use one of our slatwall acrylic shelves to display a featured item. Hang a slatwall shelf under a slatwall light to accent your products.

Our slatwall show and sell jar set creates an interactive slatwall display. Hang tasty treats on your slatwall panels! Display beads and accessories right on your slatwall panels!

Acrylic slatwall shelving is an easy, affordable way to display your merchandise on your slatwall. There is no extra hardware required. Our acrylic slatwall shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Acrylic slatwall bins and acrylic slatwall trays provide a simple way to display and stock your merchandise. Fill an acrylic slatwall bin with candy or accessories. Customers will not be hesitant to try your candy samples hanging at eye level on yours slatwall panels.

Acrylic slatwall displays are sleek and pleasing to your customers