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Metal Slatwall is an upscale alternative to traditional slatwall panels. Metal slatwall offers many finish choices on metal slatwall panels for a unique look. Metal slatwall is also easier to install than traditional slatwall panels, as it comes in individual, interlocking slats which are installed one at a time - no need to lift a heavy MDF slatwall panel! Extremely durable and visually appealing, Metal slatwall panels will set your store apart from the rest.

Metal Slatwall

THE BEAUTY OF SLATWALL - Metal slatwall is a system of vertical hanger strips and profiles (slats) that interlock to form an uninterrupted wall of metal slatwall. There are no visible fasteners or horizontal seams. The product is extremely durable and strong compared with traditional MDF slatwall. Visually striking metal finishes are available as well as solid colors. All finishes provide the esthetic benefit of the grooves and flat surface having the same finish. By eliminating the horizontal striping effect produced by traditional slatwall, steel slatwall provides a clean, elegant, look that is suitable with a wide range of interior design concepts.

THE STRENGTH OF STEEL - Say goodbye to typical slatwall failure. With strengths up to 100% stronger than even MDF board with metal inserts, metal slatwall is simply the strongest slatwall available. As you can see, metal slatwall can support a 180 pound person on one of our heavy-duty shelves with no bending, breaking, or damage. Strength plus beauty - a remarkable combination.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE SLATWALL - metal slatwall is one of the simplest and easiest slatwalls to install. Simply screw the metal slatwall to a flat wall surface. The metal slatwall is a system of verical slats that interlock to form an uninterrupted wall of metal slatwall. And that's it; it's that easy!