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Palay Display Store Fixtures has a wide selection of slatgrid panels, grid panels, grid fixtures, and grid accessories. A grid panel can be a fixture by itself or part of a complete shop concept. Grid Panels and Slatgrid Panels can be used for displaying, merchandising, or a combination of both. They can be used on the wall or floor, standing in any retail environment. We have the most complete selection of gridwall panel fixtures and accessories available, and are able to offer you the greatest possible flexibility. Chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you with your grid, slatgrid, or retail store fixture questions. Be sure to ask about Elements, our store design and store layout division.

Grid Wall

Gridwall panels are great for displaying merchandise almost anywhere in a store. Mount them to a wall, or use gridwall floor displays to place grid in the middle of the room. With many accessories available to place on grid, it is a useful and versatile selling tool. Gridwall panels are made in chrome, black, and white.

Gridwall floor displays are the perfect way to display products on grid anywhere in the store. Place them in a showroom, and take advantage of our selection of gridwall wire shelving, acrylic accessories, hooks, and more to make the most of gridwall floor displays. Choose chrome, black, or white.

Gridwall merchandisers increase your ability to display merchandise. We offer chrome, black, and white grid merchandisers. Place shelf brackets and shelves on them. Also use hooks and other displays like baskets and bins in wire or acrylic. Display clothing, gifts, and more on these grid gondolas and merchandisers.

Hang hooks for grid panels widen the possibilities for gridwall and slatgrid panels. Use these hooks to hang Hang-It-All grid, standard grid, slatgrid, or any other signholders or displays you may want to hang. We carry many lengths of hang hooks up to 60" long. They are effective and affordable.

Gridwall bases can turn grid into instant floor displays. Simply attach these bases to grid panels and merchandise with grid almost anywhere. Some bases and legs come with wheels, while others come with feet. Choose bases and legs in chrome, black, or white.

Gridwall connectors keep grid and slatgrid panels together. Use them in conjunction with our gridwall bases to build great floor displays. Choose heavy duty connectors, or standard connectors in chrome, black, or white.

Add lots of gridwall baskets to your grid displays for maximum displaying possibilities. Put small items for sale in gridwall baskets. Staggering baskets left and right, and up and down creates a hip, modern display, white keeping the baskets in line is more uniform. Display your gridwall baskets any way you like. Also see our heavy duty large grid baskets, available in chrome, black, and white.

Gridwall brackets are a fast and easy way to add display opportunities to your retail space. Use these store fixtures to place shelving or hangrails on gridwall. Gridwall brackets are made from metal, in chrome, black, or white.

Gridwall hooks are a simple and easy way to merchandise grid. Choose chrome, black, or white hooks and place them anywhere on gridwall. They are the perfect store display for hanging small packaged items like action figures, toy cars, socks, and more.

Increase the utility of your gridwall with gridwall wire shelving. This type of store display is affordable, sturdy, and attractive. Choose from chrome, black, or white in many styles. Also offered are heavy duty metal gridwall shelves.

For added visibility, place a gridwall cardholder or signholder atop your grid merchandisers and grid floor displays. This will allow you to attract more attention to your displays.

gridwall faceouts and gridwall waterfalls come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose from 5- and 7-hook waterfalls, 6-cube waterfalls, and faceouts from 2" to 12" featuring either square or rectangular tubing. These store fixtures come in chrome, black, and white.

Show off your hats and helmets with our gridwall hat and helmet displays. Try an acrylic deluxe slatwall cap displayer with a sign channel. Or for helmets, a heavy duty helmet display does the trick for your store. We carry many grid cap displays. From one cap to a dozen or more in capacity.

Gridwall literature holders provide an easy way to display brochures, pamphlets, and other literature on gridwall. Use them to place literature on perimeter gridwall, or on grid units. We sell clear acrylic literature holders, as well as some wire displays for literature.

Gridwall lighting lights up your sales! Choose high intensity grid lights, or par-30 can lights. Lighting for gridwall comes in black, white, and chrome, depending on the model. Place these gridwall accessories around the perimeter of your retail store, or on grid units all around the sales floor. Shed some light on your business!

Grid wall mount brackets provide a stable, secure way to mount grid to walls. Mount grid panels horizontally or vertically - either way works with these wall-mount brackets for grid panels. Choose chrome, black, or white.

Palay Display carries a wide selection of gridwall accessories for your retail store. Gridwall is a very effective way to merchandise a space, either on the perimeter or in the middle of a space with gridwall units. We have everything from metal hooks to literature holders to faceouts and waterfalls for your gridwall. Specialty displays and acrylic displays add to our wide variety of options for your store.

Show off your products in a variety of ways with the versatility of gridwall acrylic displays. Acrylic gridwall cell phone displays are available. Many useful shelves and bins are made to fit gridwall. Literature displays made from acrylic are a simple and tasteful way to display all sorts of literature. Specialized acrylic gridwall displays such as shoe displays and DVD displays are great gridwall accessories.

Gridwall wood shelving is available to place of grid shelf brackets. Choose from popular finishes such as black, white, grey, and maple. These are melamine shelves which are finished on all six surfaces. These display fixtures come in sizes as small as 8" x 14" and as large as 12" x 48".

Gridwall specialty wire displays are great for hard-to-display items like hosiery, books, hats, balls, earrings, and more. We have gridwall belt hooks for the perfect way to merchandise belts on grid. Our deluxe metal hang all clip is great for hanging a variety of small retail products.

With all the gridwall and slatgrid panels and accessories at Palay Display, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Gridwall panels and slatgrid panels work well around the perimeter of your retail store, or as freestanding gridwall units or slatgrid units. Our selection of gridwall and slatgrid accessories such as shelving, acrylic displays, cell phone displays, hooks, and more makes it easy to achieve the perfect retail selling environment.