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Palay Display stocks and sells a wide variety of racks for all purposes. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you with your store display rack questions.


Many businesses sell baseball cap racks. Caps are great for mall merchandising and the clothing racks can be cheap. Try a Palay Display cap rack or hat rack. You can see that the wire metal display is lightweight and makes for cheap shipping costs. If your store sells media like CDs or DVDs, you are going to need a storage rack to hold your products. Our DVD display or CD display should be up to the task. Again, these media racks are cheap and ship for a small amount.

Gas stations and mall merchandisers often sell eyewear and sunglasses. There are some really nice display fixtures just for this purpose. Sunglass Display can do the trick if you need nice fixtures for your retail store. Many places sell media storage and a variety of products. Our line of rolling floor racks are easy to use and cheap. You can put stuffed animals, keychains, and CDs on these merchandisers.

You might be a women's clothing store owner. Purse racks are necessary to sell your bags. Our racks offer a nice way to organize your merchandise. The strong metal tubing ensures that purses of any size can fit on the store display.

We feature magazine racks so often because they are a simple solution to a common problem. A clean store is a selling store. Keep your magazine racks full of magazines and newspapers to give customers something to read. Especially in the service industry, literature is a cheap way to entertain clients while they wait.

Men's clothing stores sell ties and metal belts. Retailers need tie racks and belt racks. Do not simply set out your merchandise on a table. Get a clothing rack and organize a store.

Many retail stores also need a poster display also commonly called a poster stand or poster holder. It is important to show posters in a place that is easy to see. These racks help make your life less cluttered. Print racks protect and secure your artwork in a safe place. Art is so valuable and you do not want it to get ruined or bent.

2 Way Racks are the most popular way to display clothing. Use hangers to keep the clothes fastened to the hooks. Keep the sales coming!

Retail garment racks and 4 Way Racks are sold in hundreds per month. These store fixtures make shopping easy. Use specialty products to show your merchandise in right spot. T-shirts and dresses can hang easily in these displays with hangers.

There are many ways to make clothing racks even better. Try adding a top or a wire basket. We offer the add-a-ring system and rack accessories. Hangrails and rack arms are useful for adding more space to your retail store.

These garment displays are common to every area of sales. Lingerie racks offer an elegant solution for displaying women garments and underwear.

Round racks can also be called circle racks. These hefty metal displays allow for unparalleled merchandising of clothing. You can even buy casters to roll the rack around the store.

These racks can be light or heavy. Single rail clothing racks are cheap in price but not in value. Try them for home use as well! While not as popular as the other merchandisers, the spiral racks offer a unique way to display hangers and clothing.

If you need more flexibility, why not try some rolling racks? A rolling rack can make it easy to wheel your clothing around the store. Various set ups are often needed to maximize sales volume. Many locations are now carrying a paper rack. Paper is a valuable commodity these days, and selling it has been profitable for scrapbooking.

Shoe stores are overlooked when talking about the industry. Their store fixtures are simple and sometimes cheap and collapsible. Shoe display and footwear displays are metal towers that can fold to be stored away for easy shipping. Shoes must be easy to grab and feel for the customers.

A revolving rack is another perennial favorite type of display. It allows people to grab and feel what you are selling. They are great for stuffed animals and coloring books.

Some retail places need to restock clothing so often that they need special carts. A utility cart is a simple metal racks that holds folded clothing. Many of the carts ship knocked down for cheap shipping. You may have to assemble the wire racks, but the savings are substantial.

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