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Special items in your store deserve special attention and our slatwall specialty displays may suit your retail display needs! Display your featured items on a slatwall specialty display. We also offer different styles of slatwall hangers to display your featured shirts on your slatwall panels. You can also try our t-shirt displayers for easy folding and set up. Slatwall specialty displays also include our slatwall easels which can easily aid in displaying your artwork or pictures. Call one of our sales representatives to discuss our slatwall specialty displays.


Slatwall Specialty Display

Slatwall panels can serve to feature your specialty items in the spotlight. We carry several different types of slatwall hangers to accommodate your specialty items. Hang your collection on one of our slatwall scarecrows.

Showcase your shoes on one of our slatwall shoe displays. We carry slatwall shoe displays that hang your shoe from toe or heel. Try our swivel model to add some style to your slatwall shoe display.

We carry many different slatwall jewelry displays. Hang your earrings on our slatwall earring ladder. Stock and display your jewelry right on your slatwall panels.

Many of our slatwall specialty displays can be made out of acrylic. Try our acrylic scarecrow as a slatwall specialty display for your display pieces. It fits right on your slatwall panels and does not need additional hardware.

If you cannot find a slatwall display piece that will fit your merchandise, give us a call! Palay Display does custom acrylic work and will help to design your custom acrylic displays.

Slatwall easels are a versatile product that can display many items. We carry a slanted slatwall easel and a fixed slatwall easel. Display your books or artwork, photographs, or decorative plates.

Slatwall specialty displays are made with you in mind. Simply and easy to install, our slatwall displays offer style and functionality to your retail space. Call one of our sales representatives to speak about our slatwall specialty displays.