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Palay Display has all of the answers to your slatwall eyewear display and slatwall sunglass display questions. Our Slatwall Eyewear Displays and Slatwall sunglass displays bring your eyewear merchandise to the front and center of your retail space. Our Slatwall Eyewear Displays and Slatwall Sunglass Displays are made from acrylic. Hang your sunglasses or glasses on our acrylic eyewear displays to feature a collection. Simply hang the slatwall eyewear display on our slatwall! No extra hardware required. Your eyewear will stand out on your slatwall panels. Hang a slatwall mirror right next to your slatwall eyewear display for your customers to use. Contact a sales representative to talk about custom acrylic slatwall eyewear displays or acrylic slatwall sunglass displays if you are unable to find a store fixture display to fit your needs.


SKU 6242
Slatwall Eyewear Display. Great for glasses, and sunglasses, too. Holds 3 pair.
$7.65 EA
SKU 6243
23 3/4"L
Slatwall Eyewear Display. Great for glasses, and sunglasses, too. Holds 6 pair.
$12.45 EA
SKU 1048
5 7/8"W x 6 3/4"D
The Slatwall Sunglass Display is constructed of heavy gauge wire with a black powdercoat finish. This slatwall sunglass display holds one pair of sunglasses or glasses. This sunglass display allows for quick and easy merchandising on slatwall or slatwall floor displays. For an instant sunglass...
$0.98 EA
SKU 4070
Commercial Plastic Cleaner. Seals pores in plastic and leaves a protective coating. Also does wonders for chrome finishes. 14-oz. Bottle.
$12.50 EA
SKU 4080
Commercial Plastic Scratch Remover. Removes surface blemishes and scratches. Also good for heavy cleaning problems. 14-oz. Bottle.
$12.85 EA

Slatwall Eyewear Display

Find a great selection of Slatwall Eyewear Displays. Our acrylic slatwall eyewear displays effortlessly float your eyewear on your slatwall panels. Your sunglasses or eyewear will be the center of attention.

Our slatwall accessories are easy to install and use in your retail space. The slatwall sunglass displays are no exception. Simply hang the slatwall display on your slatwall panels and go! No hardware or tools needed.

Take y our eyewear collection to the next level. Feature a collection or your staff favorites on our slatwall sunglass display. Hang a slatwall light above your display to accent the colors and designs in your eyewear.

We carry different size slatwall eyewear displays and slatwall sunglass displays. Hang slatwall eyewear displays next to one another or above one another to create a wall of eyewear!

Acrylic slatwall shelves and acrylic slatwall trays are also a great addition to your eyewear displays. Stock eyewear cases and cleaners right next to your slatwall eyewear display.

Palay Display offers custom acrylic work. If you are unable to find the slatwall eyewear display that will fit your store fixture needs, we can create it for you! Simply call one of our sales agents to get started.

Slatwall eyewear displays are a great addition to any retail space. Hang your favorites and watch your customers explore your eyewear collection. Take your retail space to the next level with our slatwall eyewear display.