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Pegboard shelving is very useful for displaying small or large objects. Try a small acrylic shelf, or a few for a multi-level display. For a heavy duty display, we offer a large, sturdy metal shelf. Palay Display is here for your pegboard shelving display solutions.


Pegboard Shelving for Your Store

Pegboard shelving will display many kinds of objects. You can find many uses. Pegboard shelving is sure to be cost effective for retail.

We stock pegboard shelving made of many materials. You can get pegboard shelving metal or plastic. Pegboard shelving is available now.

Plastic shelving is durable if made of metal. The strength of the pegboard shelving also depends on your pegboard. Either way, you can not go wrong with pegboard shelving.

Stores use pegboard shelving to display many kinds of things. Shoes are an example of objects used. Pegboard shelving holders is very popular among shoe stores.

Many pegboard shelving units are interchangeable with slatwall. It is easy to switch fixtures. Simply take out the pegboard shelving and put it on the slatwall. Pegboard shelving will help with floor space as well. Because the pegboard shelving can be placed vertically, you can use pegboard shelving to sell without using floor fixtures.