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Our pegboard shelf brackets allow you to utilize all sorts of shelving on your pegboard units and perimeter pegboard displays. Use wood or glass shelving to suit your style. See our shelving section for more.


Pegboard Shelf Brackets for Display

Pegboard shelf brackets allow the customization of your vertical space. The pegboard shelf brackets can be used with wood or glass. These fixtures are easy to install. Simply place the pegboard shelf brackets in your display and rest the wood or glass shelves on top. The pegboard shelf brackets have stops at the end to make your your items are secure.

We stock pegboard shelf brackets made of metal. You can get pegboard shelving direct from Palay Display. Pegboard shelf brackets is available now.

Pegboard shelf brackets are durable when made of metal. The strength of the pegboard shelf brackets also depends on your pegboard. Either way, you can not go wrong with pegboard shelf brackets.

Stores use pegboard shelf brackets to display many kinds of things. Stuffed animals are an example of objects used with pegboard shelf brackets. These fixtures are very popular with gift stores.

Pegboard shelving will sell without using with floor space. Because the pegboard shelf brackets can be placed vertically, you can use pegboard shelf brackets to sell without using floor fixtures.