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Palay Display offers a selection of acrylic bins in several sizes and shapes. These pegboard bins are perfect for small items like candy. Use them for almost any small item display.


Pegboard Acrylic Bins for Display

Pegboard acrylic bins can be used for different objects or food. You can find many uses. Pegboard acrylic bins are a nice cheap way to display products.

We have pegboard acrylic bins made of plastic. Pegboard acrylic bins are available now.

Many Pegboard acrylic bins are interchangeable with slatwall. It is easy to switch fixtures. Simply remove the pegboard acrylic bins and put it on the slatwall. Pegboard acrylic bins will help with floor space as well. Because the Pegboard acrylic bins are put up on a wall, you can use Pegboard acrylic bins to sell without setting them on the floor.