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Pegboard hooks for perimeter displays, gondolas, and pegboard. Palay Display also carries Break Resistant Nylon Pegboard Hooks. Our standard pegboard hooks come in lengths from 2" to 12", super duty pegboard hooks as well as double loop pegboard hooks for added stability, and short "J" hooks and "L" hooks, which lock into place on the pegboard. These pegboard hooks can help you complete all your pegboard displays.


Pegboard Hooks for Retail

Pegboard hooks are a great way to hang merchandise on your pegboard displays. You can find many different sizes of pegboard hooks. Pegboard hooks are sure to be a cost effective product for your store.

We stock light duty and super duty pegboard hooks. You can purchase our pegboard hooks in metal or nylon. Pegboard hooks are available in 2" lengths to 12" lengths.

Plastic pegboard hooks are also available. These plastic fixtures work well for light weight merchandise. Either way, you can not go wrong with pegboard hooks.

Stores use pegboard hooks to hang many kinds of things on pegboard. Clothing items can also be hung. Mittens and hats hang well from pegboard hooks. Pegboard hooks are very popular among outlets with kitchen goods as well. Pots and pans can be suspended with pegboard hooks.