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Pegboard baskets for pegboard gondolas and other pegboard displays. Use these pegboard baskets to display a variety of small items on your pegboard displays.


Pegboard Baskets are In-Stock

Pegboard baskets help make the most out of wall area. The pegboard baskets can be used with many kinds of products. Stuffed animals and sporting goods fit well in pegboard baskets. The fixtures are easy to install. Simply place the pegboard baskets in the display and place your items inside. The pegboard baskets are made to hold a fair amount of weight.

We have pegboard baskets made of strong metal. You can get pegboard baskets from this website. Pegboard baskets are available now.

Pegboard baskets are durable when made of metal. The strength of the pegboard baskets may depend on your pegboard strength. Either way, you can not go wrong with pegboard baskets for small goods.

Stores use pegboard baskets to display many kinds of things. Candy bars can be placed in pegboard baskets for a great impulse sales area. These fixtures are very popular with clothing stores as well.

Pegboard baskets can help sales with no interference to your main sales area. The pegboard baskets are set vertically so you can use pegboard baskets without using floor fixtures.

Our pegboard baskets have been sold for a long time and are built well. The coating on the Palay Display pegboard baskets is durable and will handle years of use.