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Try our pegboard displays for hats, caps, and helmets. We offer single pegboard cap displays, multiple pegboard hat displays, even heavy duty pegboard hat displays for helmets.


Pegboard Cap Displays and Pegboard Hat Displays for Retail

Pegboard cap displays and Pegboard hat displays help you show off your merchandise. Use our pegboard cap displays for hats, caps, or helmets. Many pegboard hat displays are compatible with slatwall, pegboard, and gridwall. The Palay Display pegboard cap displays are the ultimate in versatility.

Pegboard hat displays allow the customization of your vertical sales area. Pegboard cap displays only take a moment to install. Just place the hooks in the grooves and your pegboard cap displays are ready to sell!

Pegboard hat displays are made of durable coated metal. Our pegboard cap displays can be used for years thanks to the top grade finish. Available in black or white most of the time. You can not go wrong with pegboard cap displays.

Pegboard hat displays will sell without using up your floors. Because the fixtures can be placed on a wall, you can use the products to sell without using large floor fixtures.

Palay Display has been selling pegboard cap displays and pegboard hat displays for decades.