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Gridwall Countertop Displays provide versatile POP display options for any retail environment. Our Gridwall Countertop Display Panels allow many configurations using standard gridwall accessories such as hooks and sign holders. Choose from different color countertop gridwall display panels. Palay Display is your source for gridwall displays including these gridwall countertop displays. Please contact us if you have questions about our gridwall countertop displays, and a knowledgeable Palay Display Representative will be able to assist you with your Countertop Gridwall Display questions. Palay Display has been selling store fixtures and store displays since 1945.


Countertop Gridwall Displays

Countertop Gridwall Displays are a great way to display many products in a compact display. Use our Gridwall Countertop Display at your checkout counter to offer last chance purchases. Gridwall countertop displays are functional and allow you to reconfigure them to display many different products.

Palay Display offers many gridwall accessories that can be used on your gridwall countertop display. Try using gridwall hooks to hang keychains or bumper stickers. Hang a small gridwall acrylic shelf to set your merchandise upon.

We offer different color choices for our gridwall countertop displays. You can choose from white or black. Coordinate your countertop gridwall display to your gridwall panels in your retail space.

Palay Display offers gridwall signholders to place on your countertop gridwall display. Inform your customers of sales or specials with our signholders. Your customers will be drawn to your gridwall countertop display.

Gridwall countertop displays are perfect for traveling showrooms. They are small and compact and look great on a table! Hang your merchandise from a one-inch gridwall hook.

Palay Display offers many gridwall display solutions. The gridwall countertop display can fit on your countertop with room to spare! Display your merchandise at the register for POP sales.

Palay Display offers many store fixture solutions. Gridwall countertop displays are perfect for any retail space. Chat online or call one of our agents to speak about our gridwall countertop displays.