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Gridwall Floor Displays are a versatile fixture to display your products. Palay Display offers many configurations and varieties of gridwall floor displays. Our gridwall floor displays are easy to setup and flexible enough to display almost any item. Choose from a wide selection of gridwall accessories to place on your gridwall floor display. Create you own gridwall floor display with our gridwall panels and gridwall bases. Display all of your hats or caps on our PDI double cap tower. We offer gridwall floor displays from a single gridwall panel up to grid gondolas. Chat online or call one of our sales representatives to discuss gridwall floor displays.


Gridwall floor displays are an easy and affordable way to display your merchandise on your retail floor. Gridwall floor displays are easy to set up and are perfect for temporary showrooms, too!

Palay Display offers many sizes and styles of gridwall floor displays. Add grid hooks or other gridwall accessories to your gridwall floor display. Gridwall floor displays are easy to set up and easy to change around.

Our grid four-way merchandisers are perfect for displaying lots of merchandise with a small footprint. The grid four-way merchandiser is available in a variety of heights. Just choose the height of your preference.

Grid gondola merchandisers are great for displaying your merchandise on the floor. Our grid gondola merchandisers come in a variety of sizes. Hang gridwall wire shelves or gridwall wood shelves on your gondola to increase product displays.

Palay Display offers many solutions to your shoe display needs. Try our gridwall tower shoe display in your retail space. Place a gridwall signholder on top to notify customers of a sale or special. We also carry shoe accessories in our gridwall accessory sections.

Our 3-sided grid tower utilizes functionality and design. The three sided gridwall display allows you to display on three sections of gridwall panels. Merchandise your gridwall panels by featured collection!

Palay Display can help you with all of your store fixture needs. Our gridwall panels and accessories can help make your retail space more profitable. Chat online or call one of our sales representatives today.