/Gridwall & Slatgrid/Gridwall Mount Brackets

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Palay Display stocks wall mounting hardware for slatgrid and grid panels. Our grid wall mount brackets come in a variety of colors to match your grid panels. We also carry Universal wall standard gridwall brackets to hang your gridwall panels off of your wall standards. Our gridwall brackets are diamond shaped and look great behind your grid panel. They hold your grid panels two inches from the wall. Our wall mounting hardware is easily installed. Your grid panels will be hung in confidence. Chat online or call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to discuss wall mounting hardware for slatgrid and grid panels.


Gridwall Bracket and Wall Mount Hardware

Palay Display stocks wall mount hardware for slatgrid panels and grid panels. Our wall mount hardware is strong and will hang your gridwall panels with ease. Match the color of your slatgrid or grid panels to your grid wall mount brackets.

If your retail space has wall standards, you can hang your grid or slatgrid panels right from your wall standards. Use our universal wall standard gridwall bracket to attach your panels.

We stock many slatgrid and gridwall accessories to hang on your panels. Hang your merchandise in style with our gridwall waterfalls or gridwall faceouts. Our wall mount hardware will blend into the background of our various gridwall accessories.

Palay Display offers gridwall bracket options for use with slatgrid or gridwall. With these, you can mount your panels right onto your walls. The hardware holds your panels two inches from the wall. Hang them up and start merchandising!

Gridwall floor displays can be turned into wall mounted grid panels. After you have finished using your gridwall floor display at a showcase or, if you just want to try something new, use your wall mount hardware for gridwall to mount your grid panels onto your wall.

Wall mount hardware for grid panels or slatgrid panels is easy to install. After you install your wall mount hardware for grid panels or slatgrid panels, simply hang your panels on the wall!

Palay Display offers many gridwall store fixture solutions. We can help you fill your retail space with the best store fixtures. Chat online or call one of our sales representatives to discuss gridwall bracket solutions for slatgrid or grid panels.