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Palay Display offers a wide variety of gridwall display panels. Gridwall panels come in many sizes; up to eight feet! We offer gridwall panels in a variety of colors. Palay Display can deliver all of your gridwall display fixture needs. Try using our gridwall panel connectors to create your own gridwall display fixture. Palay Display offers many choices of floor gridwall panel displays. Gridwall display panels are perfect for use on the wall or freestanding on the floor. Simply choose one of our gridwall panel bases to create your own gridwall floor display. Chat online or call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for details regarding gridwall display panels.


Palay Display offers a wide selection of gridwall panels. Our gridwall panels come in a variety of color options. Gridwall panels can be mounted on your wall or set up as a freestanding display.

Gridwall display panels can be mounted on your wall using gridwall wall mount brackets. Install your gridwall panels in your showroom to showcase your merchandise. Take a look at all of our gridwall accessories to help showcase your items.

We offer gridwall bases to turn your gridwall panels into a gridwall floor display. Make your gridwall display portable! Attach a gridwall sign holder to your gridwall panels to draw attention to your merchandise.

Gridwall panels are a great addition to your retail space. Use gridwall wire shelving to merchandise your gridwall panels. We also carry gridwall acrylic displays to hold your jewelry, clothing, or other items.

Organize your gridwall panels using our gridwall brackets. You can use gridwall brackets to hang up gridwall wood shelving or gridwall glass shelving. Our gridwall accessories are easy to install and look great!

Hang hooks for grid panels widen the possibilities for gridwall and slatgrid panels. Use these hooks to hang Hang-It-All grid, standard grid, slatgrid, or any other signholders or displays you may want to hang. We carry many lengths of hang hooks up to 60" long. They are effective and affordable.

Palay Display offers many gridwall display panel options. Gridwall panels make a great addition to your retail space. Chat online or call a sales representative today!