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Palay Display has a variety of Gridwall Bullnose Shelving to choose from. These retail bullnose display shelves have a 1 1/2" bullnose design which creates a rich, attractive display. Our gridwall bullnose shelves are engineered to be extremely strong and durable and yet lightweight. These gridwall bullnose shelves cannot chip as the color is impregnated throughout the entire shelf. The shelves accept slatwall, gridwall or slotted standard brackets. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable store fixtures representatives will assist you with your gridwall bullnose shelving questions. Palay Display has been supplying store fixtures and retail displays since 1945!


Grid Shelves and Grid Shelving

Palay Display Store Fixtures has a variety of grid shelving, including gridwall bullnose shelving. Bullnose grid shelving is easily installed onto your grid panels. All you will need are the gridwall brackets that attach right on to your gridwall panels. Simply hang your bullnose grid shelves right on top of your grid panels.

Gridwall bullnose shelving is available in many sizes and colors. All of our gridwall bullnose shelving is packed and sold four shelves per order. Our gridwall bullnose shelving does not chip or show scratches as the color is impregnated throughout the entire shelf.

Palay Display offers bullnose grid shelves in two lengths; twenty-four inches and forty-eight inches long. Choose the length that best fits your store fixture needs. Line your bullnose shelving in a row to create a ledge of shelving to display your merchandise.

Bullnose shelving helps to create an elegant atmosphere in your retail space. Hang a gridwall light above your gridwall bullnose shelving to highlight important products. Add a signholder onto your shelf or a gridwall signholder to your grid panels to emphasize important information.

Our bullnose shelving can also be used on your slatgrid panels, slatwall, or pegboard. Bullnose shelving is a high quality way to add surface space to your retail display. Palay Display offers many accessories for gridwall panels.

Black bullnose grid shelving will look sleek on your black gridwall panels. Add some black gridwall accessories for a stylish gridwall display. We also carry white and chrome accessories.

Palay Display is your one stop shop for grid shelves and your other store fixture needs. If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, please chat online or call one of our sales representatives. We would be happy to assist you with all of your store fixture questions.