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Grid Display bases are a great way to make your grid panels into a gridwall floor display. Palay Display offers a wide variety of grid bases to fit your gridwall display needs. We carry grid bases in several colors to coordinate with your grid panels. Our grid bases come in a variety of shapes so that you can build the gridwall floor display of your choice. We carry casters for our gridwall bases to make your gridwall floor display portable and easy to move around your retail space. Our heavy duty grid bases are for those that need to display heavier items. Chat online or call one of our knowledgeable sales representative to discuss your grid base and grid floor displays.


Grid Base and Grid Bases

Grid display bases can help you create the prefect gridwall floor display. We offer many different styles of grid bases to choose from. They also come a in a variety of colors so you can match your grid base with your gridwall panels.

Palay Display offers a wide variety of grid bases. We carry rectangular grid legs with levelers. These grid bases are easy to attach to your grid panels and come in black and white.

Our three-sided grid base allows you to connect three grid panels together to create a floor display. You are able to use three grid panels to display your merchandise. Outfit your grid floor display with our wide variety of gridwall accessories.

The Grid four way base creates a pinwheel gridwall floor display. Choose the size of gridwall panel you would like and set up. This grid base allows you to fully merchandise your gridwall floor display. Hang gridwall shelves and girdwall baskets to hold your merchandise.

Palay Display carries a grid gondola base. This grid base creates a gondola from your grid panels. We offer many grid accessories to hang on your grid gondola floor display.

We also offer a heavy duty grid base. This base is for display larger or heavier items on your gridwall panels. Try using an L-Grid leg base. This grid base works great with many different sized panels and display items.

Palay Display is your one stop shop for all of your gridwall store fixture needs. We can help you with your wall mounted grid, your countertop gird, or your floor grid displays. Chat online or call one of our knowledgeable sales representative to discuss grid bases today.