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Palay Display stocks a large variety of grid and slatgrid connectors. We carry a variety of colors as well, so no matter what color you need, we can help accommodate your store fixture needs. Our standard grid connectors as well as heavy-duty grid connectors are available in a variety of colors to match your grid or slatgrid panels. The gridwall connectors are easy to attach to your panels and easy to tighten. Our Heavy Duty Grid Joiner Clamp is built to withstand commercial use. Try this grid connector for your heavy-duty projects. Grid connectors can help you create a beautiful wall or floor grid display. Chat online or call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to discuss grid connectors.


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Grid Connector and Gridwall Connectors

Grid and slatgrid connectors are a great way to add versatility to your grid or slatgrid panels. Create your own gridwall floor display using grid connectors. Choose a grid connector in the color of your grid panels.

We offer great quality grid products such as the grid connector. Create different shaped displays using our t grid connector. The grid t-connector is used to create grid displays in the shape of a "T" or an "H".

Our heavy duty grid joiner clip is great for use on more hefty grid displays. This grid connector is strong enough for commercial use. Choose from a variety of colors to match your gridwall panels.

Palay Display offers many gridwall and slatgrid store fixture solutions. Connect your grid panels together by using our gridwall connectors. Our grid connectors are easy to install and tighten. They are also easy to remove.

Add a gridwall base to your connected gridwall panels and create your own gridwall floor display. There are so many different gridwall accessories to use while merchandising your gridwall.

Grid panels are perfect for any retail space. They are easy to install and can hold so much merchandise. Our gridwall accessories, such as a grid shelf or grid waterfall, will help you to display your merchandise.

Palay Display can help you choose the right grid options for your store fixture needs. Chat online or call one of our sales representatives. We would be happy to discuss our many options for gridwall connectors.