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Slatgrid Mall Kiosks are idea for creating professional looking portable kiosks very quickly! Slatgrid Mall Kiosk Displays provide great versatility. A useful feature of Slatgrid Mall Kiosks is that they allow for customization using slatwall or gridwall accessories. Slatgrid Mall Kiosks are easy to assemble, disassemble and reconfigure, making them great portable kiosk displays for trade shows and shopping malls. Please contact a knowledgeable Palay Display Representative if you have questions about our Slatgrid Mall Kiosks. Please note: These slatgrid kiosks are intended for display and merchandising items such as clothing and giftware. If using with heavyweight items or outdoor displaying where weather can be a factor, additional bracing or anchoring may be needed. Please consult your Palay Display representative for more information.

Slatgrid Mall Kiosks