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4 Way Pipe Clothing Rack

4 Way Pipe Clothing Rack

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Anthracite Grey
Product Instructions
This product ships factory direct.
Pipe Clothing Rack - 4 way. Pipe Clothing Racks use connected pieces of 1 1/4" pipe to create highly fashionable retail pipe fixtures which work well with both vintage clothing and new clothing. This 4 way pipe clothing rack has 16" long pipe arms that independently adjust 48" to 72" high, and feature pipe end caps which, in addition to finishing the retail pipe fixture look, will keep hangers from sliding off the ends of the pipes. Includes 3" wheels (2 locking, 2 non-locking) for easy moving when you want to rearrange the pipe clothing racks in your store. This product is a part of our collection of Urban Pipe Clothing Racks.

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