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Countertop Gun Displays by Palay Display. Feature a special or unique handgun with a countertop gun display. A countertop gun display can focus your customer’s attention to a sale or exclusive item. Keep your retail counters clean and organized by using countertop gun displays. Palay Display offers a variety of countertop gun displays. Allow your customer to view your handgun up close with a countertop handgun display. Palay Display offers a range of gun displays. In addition to display cases, chose a countertop gun display for a kiosk or display window. If you are unable to find a gun display that is right for you, please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable sales stall will assist you. Palay Display has been selling store fixtures since 1945! Shop our selection of firearm displays to outfit your retail store.


Countertop and Display Case Gun Displays

Our acrylic Countertop Gun Display features a padded area for your handgun to rest upon, ensuring no scratching. Using Countertop Gun Displays allows customers to get a closer look at details and craftsmanship of your merchandise.

Countertop Handgun Displays are perfect for traveling shows or kiosks. Perfect for close up viewing, the Countertop Gun Display draws your customer in to you retail space. Using a countertop firearm display is an effective way to promote a special or featured handgun or pistol.

Clear acrylic is used to make the Countertop Gun Displays. The Countertop Gun Display will fade into the background and allow your featured handgun to shine. Organize and create a visually stunning display with a Countertop Pistol Display or Countertop Handgun Display.

Antique handguns can be displayed using a Countertop Gun Display. Showcase a historical pistol with a Countertop Pistol Display. Feature handguns throughout the eras with Countertop Gun Displays.

Try a Countertop Gun Display to allow customers to view a handgun closely. Countertop Gun Displays keep your countertop organized. Display a personal favorite handgun with a Countertop Gun Display. Find all of your retail firearm displays including countertop pistol displays and countertop handgun displays at Palay Display.