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V-Tool Loop Fastening Gun

V-Tool Loop Fastening Gun

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Avery Dennison V-Tool Fastening System efficiently applies loop-fastened tags to belts, handbags, sunglasses, wallets, sporting goods, kitchen utensils, bags, appliances - and much more. The V-Tool does not require goods to be penetrated with an insertion needle. Instead, the system has a dual hook and tag-holder applicator that meets the tag fastening needs of many items. The unit’s hook applicator wraps around selected areas of targeted items, such as a handbag’ shoulder strap. The tag-holder applicator is designed to apply looped fasteners to smaller diameters, such as the zipper pull on a wallet or purse. The system’s tamper-evident plastic loop fasteners have an arrow-and-barrel configuration that forms a strong mechanical lock. The fastener cannot be removed without destroying the loop or damaging the tags.
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