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Size dividers are the oldest, cheapest, and easiest way to organize clothing displayed on retail clothing racks. These small plastic discs come with standard sizes printed on them in a legible color. There are also blank size dividers available. The blank size dividers make it easy to customize and organize clothing in a retail or home environment.

The standard color for size dividers is white with black lettering. You can also get black discs with gold lettering. There are many different uses for these dividers. Some are printed with days of the week. Other size dividers are printed with letters instead of size numbers. Rectangular plastic size dividers are also common. Alpha sets can be used to organize alphabetical collections or colors.

There are two main uses for size dividers. The first use is to organize retail stores. The second main use is to organize uniforms by days of the week. Many industrial cleaning companies and the military have uniforms that are switched every day. To help keep the uniforms cleaned and ready for the correct day, days of the week dividers are used. Uniform cleaning companies steam and deliver outfits. The outfits must be organized by employee name. Alpha size dividers are used extensively for this purpose.

Rectangular size dividers are used for rectangular tubing, round tubing, and square tubing. The unique design lends itself to many uses. Larger retail stores use rectangular size dividers to help separate their huge selection of clothing.

Next time you enter a clothing store notice how the store uses size dividers. Usually, the organized shops are the ones using size dividers for their clothing.