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Palay Display stocks a variety of metal hangers. Our metal hangers and steel hangers are available in several different styles. We invite you to visit our other retail hanger categories. If you cannot find the retail metal hangers you are looking for please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable store fixture representatives will assist you with your metal garment hanger questions. Palay Display has been selling metal hangers for garments and store displays to the retail industry since 1945.


Metal Hanger

Palay Display stocks a wide range of Metal Hangers. Metal Hangers provide a sturdy and secure place to hang your merchandise. Choose a metal hanger to fit your merchandise needs. If a metal hanger doesn't meet your requirements, Palay Display also has other hanger options if you are in need of wood hangers or plastic hangers.

There are different styles of metal hangers to choose from. Palay Display offers security features on some of the metal hanger styles. A diaper pin rod can help to secure your merchandise to metal hangers. Our salesman hangers have loops for the diaper pin to slip through allowing to group your hangers together.

A metal hanger can help solve difficult or challenging hanger needs. Hang a bikini off of a metal hanger specifically designed to show off both pieces of the swimsuit. Palay Display offers different options of hanger choices.

If you are looking to save some space, a metal hanger will help you to achieve space saving goals. If your products continuously fall off of your current hanging solution, chose a metal hanger with vinyl to prevent slippage.

Salesmen hangers are metal hangers that feature a loop for security or for using a diaper pin rod to group hangers together for easy transport. Secure your merchandise by looping a wire through all of the hangers and locking them together. Palay Display offers many store security options.

Metal hangers are economical and easy to take on the road. Trade shows and traveling will be made easy by light and durable metal hangers. The heavy metal gauge on these hangers allows for various merchandise to be hung.