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Palay Display offers a nice selection of Rack Accessories. If you are looking for a Rack Accessory for your Round Rack, there are Round Rack toppers available for purchase. We also carry other Rack Accessory items, such as slanted or straight arms to add onto your existing Rack if you need more space to display merchandise. Other selections of the Rack Accessory include all the small parts such as brackets, bumpers, and other miscellaneous pieces you need to complete your displays. Palay Display also carries Rack Accessories such as shelves and hooks to add onto your existing Rack, if you need to display a larger volume of items. If you cannot find the right Rack Accessory item, please chat online or call one of our knowledgeable representatives, who will be happy to assist you.


Rack Accessories

The Rack Accessory is an essential item for your Rack in your retail or boutique setting. From brackets to clamps to extra shelving, Palay Display carries all of your Rack Accessories. If you can